What is Google Sandbox? How You Can Protect Your Blog?

Google Sandbox will be a new term for most of the bloggers. Blogging world has so much term and you will be aware about them as you will dig more into blogging. As blogging became a viral system for youngsters and everyone is doing blogging just by seeing his or her friends.

As you know there is crowd of blogs as well as bloggers and everyone is trying to get ranked on first page of Google. People are doing even some wrong methods to have better ranking so that they can attract more advertisers for their blogs and can make more money.


What Actually Google Sandbox Is?

Google Sandbox is a Google Algorithm which keep tracks of the methods you are trying to build backlinks for you blogs. This will track the IP address of your computer and will notice how frequently and how much backlinks you are building for your blog either they are blog comments or guest blogging.

As you know blog commenting is the most easiest way to build backlinks but how frequently you are building backlinks for you matters a lot.

How You Can Protect Your Blog?

No doubt Google is the GOD in the internet world. everyone want to be on the first page of Google. But Google don’t love the cheap and fake methods which you are trying to fool them. Below you can see some.

Never Copy any Post

Copying is always a crime either it is your school or internet world. It is very easy to copy someone’s article and paste on your blog and get the fame. But google crawler is smarter the you, because it will find which was the original article and its going to put you in Google Sandbox. If you are dong this practice again and again.

Never do too much Comments

Commenting is the easiest way to build backlinks as well as to get sandboxed. Yes, I am saying this true because Google know about your activities and they know how you are doing commenting and how valuable comments you are leaving.

Too much commenting can lead to face big problem in future. Because if you will continue this then Google Sandbox will put you in spam list and every-time you will do comment on any blog it will go in spam commenting only. And you know it very well what is the ratio of approving spam comments and real comments. So don’t overdo this practice if you want to run long time blog.

If you want to be in the safe zone then never do too much commenting and if you want to do this then use any of good proxy software.

Tor Browser is the best browser for anonymous internet surfing. Some tips to be safe from Sandbox :

Don’t use any unethical way

Unethical ways always leads to disaster and they are going to destroy your blog credentials and once you will be in Google Sandbox then it is very difficult to come out from there.

These unethical ways include Fake Visits, Fake comments, Copied Articles etc.

In my final words I would like to say that don’t try to fool Google because once they will put your domain in Google Sandbox that will be a bad experience for you and I know most of the bloggers will leave blogging also, so its much better to stay in safe zone.