Google Detection Of Click Fraud – An Insight Review

As you all know Google is Banning several Adsense accounts and making more restrictions in approving new accounts because of rapid increase of fraud clicks especially in south Asian countries like India, Pakistan and China. Do you know how Google detects click fraud of the publishers ?? There are several ways Google uses to track our account. We’ll discuss about the Popular ways of detection here.

Advertiser and Publishers :

As we all know that Advertiser display ads in your website and you will be payed if anyone clicks on advertiser links, as a result advertiser will be gained regarding his product (or) website

So Advertisers have full rights to monitor click pattern of their Ads displayed in your website if they notice abnormal click pattern, they will report to Google about the issue.

This is the initial and origin point where Google rocket science begins….

Ip-address –

Each and every computer connected to internet has a dynamic IP Address, if the Adsense sign-in IP Address and Ad clicks of your own website is same for repeated number of times (Google allow accidential click of their own ads) this is the peak time to Forget Adsense and look for Alternatives 🙁

Cookies Tracing :

As you all know very well that cookies is a little bit of scripts, stored by a website in users computer to monitor their activities. Your click patterns can be watched by Google using these cookies.

Some Hackers will use Gzapper to block Google cookies and click their ads by using powerful proxies. I recommend those genius hackers to read the next step below !!

MAC-address :

Internet is connected through a device called Network card (or) LAN card. In 2nd layer of LAN card there exists a sub-layer called Media Access Control (MAC) which governs the data communication between system and network.

It has a Globally unique address like IMEI number of Mobile phones. Google Keeps the Record of MAC Address of publishers where the account sign-up, if they notice Ads click from that MAC address of publishers, then no one can stop your account from banning.

A sample MAC address – 00-19-D1-28-CF-BF

Tip – You can know your MAC address via command prompt

Geo-location of IP-address –

Though every computer has a dynamic and different IP-address, there is a particular allocation set of IP-address will be used for a particular region.

If more number of click comes from a particular set (region) of IP-address mainly from new blogs, then you may have chance to get your account banned.

Different Click pattern :

1. There are lot of difference between manual click and click performed by automated bots. There are lot of factors like time, date etc. They play a vital role in this method.

2. If you have large amount of direct visitors with poor SEO i.e., not visible in search engines mainly in Google.