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How You Can Make Money Using Clickfunnels Affiliate programs


Affiliate marketing is a very important aspect of marketing. It involves independent ‘affiliates’. Companies hire these affiliates to market their product. Sometimes affiliates are not totally independent, depending on a company’s business model. 

How You Can Make Money Using Clickfunnels Affiliate Programs

These affiliates get paid for the sales they bring. A commission scheme adopted by the company gives a percentage of the sale to the affiliates. An important point to be made is that the affiliates use their own marketing efforts to bring the customer through the door. 

Started in the 90’s mainly as an internet based marketing model, it’s now widely used by various companies. Amazon was one of the first companies to adopt these models. These companies allowed the marketers to use various tools available online to make the sales.

One such tool was Clickfunnels. Click funnel is basically a type of software that is used for online marketing. It helps you create an online landing page and lets you check up on customers that might be interested or are yet to buy a product. It also allows to make new customers through marketing systems.

Clickfunnel is a widely appreciated affiliate program. If you are trying to get into affiliate marketing, this should be where you start. In this article, we emphasize why and how you can make money through the affiliate program.

Why you should make sales through clickfunnels affiliate

First of all, there’s a saying in marketing: ‘Reputation sells’. And click funnels have a reputation. Not to sound cheesy, but click funnel features usually sell themselves. Having a positive platform such as this could help you change your game. This reputation is where clickfunnels differentiate itself from other competitors in the market.

Next, the reason why you are into this business: money. Clickfunnel has a high payout ratio compared to other companies. It has two selling schemes, with 97 dollars and 297 dollars. For each scheme, you get a 40% commission, which is $38.80 and $118.80 respectively. With this type of earning, you could easily make four thousand dollars a month. In addition, clickfunnel has found a way to boost its affiliates morale by giving a bonus prize; it allows you to lease or buy your favorite car. These lucrative terms attract affiliates to clickfunnels.

Transparency is of utmost interest to clickfunnels. They offer you complete insight into their tradings. You can track your sales through the system very easily. It has clear policy guidelines, and it’s crystal clear about dividing profit with its affiliates. You can be sure about taking on your sales in clickfunnels.

How you can make money from clickfunnels

First of all, you need to acquaint yourself with click funnels. How it works and how you can optimize it for getting best results from your advertising efforts. You can take some clickfunnels affiliate training to catch up to the process easily.

Carefully watch successful clickfunnels. Watch what they did right. what they did wrong, and how they learned from their mistakes. You can find many blogs and vlogs from successful affiliates who talk about their journey. There’s a lot you can learn from them about clickfunnels. 

If you have a product to sell and don’t want to go out of your way in marketing, do your own funneling. Affiliate marketing shouldn’t just be for clients. And who better than you to sell your own product? Plus, this gives you an opportunity to learn the ropes.

If you can build a successful funnel, your reputation will make the sales for you. You can ask other affiliates to use your funnel. That will show that they trust your funnel. It will go a long way to build a reputation. This is going to be helpful for both parties as newer affiliates can rely on an established funnel and you can build up your reputation. 

Once you have gained expertise in the field, there’s many ways to use that expertise in the clickfunneling arena.

You can start a business out of funnel building. It is a lucrative proposition. Building a funnel can be hard work. You have to learn the market, know your customers and intricacies of the clickfunnel. Many people do not want to go through that trouble. They want to sometimes buy the click funnel service for their convenience. You can earn a lot of money taking this opportunity and using your expertise in the field to earn some dough.

In your communities, you will see many businesses in need of marketing support. You can tell them about click funnels and affiliate marketing. Then you can build funnels for them. Local businesses use a ton of money in conventional marketing ineffectively. Your initiative could help them a lot. It will be a lot more profitable for you, too, as these businesses bring a lot of work to marketing.

Use the help of other media. We talked about how successful affiliates share their experience using blogs and vlogs. You can do it too once you are at that level. This will only allow you to expand your business. Use the blogs to spread links about your funnels. Use the vlog to publicise your funnel. 

Email funneling has been a popular way to make sales since the 90’s. As a matter of fact, early affiliate marketing was mostly based on emails. You can use this media to your benefit and increase your sales. Nowadays, social media is the hype. You can use sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make your funnels popular. 

Use affiliate techniques to promote your funnel through unconventional channels. Get the word out there somehow. There’s a lot of ways you can make money via a clickfunnel. For that you will need a lot of expertise and reputation. Focus on building your reputation as an affiliate and the funnels will sell themselves.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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