How To Vet Potential IT Firms (Even If You Don’t Know Much About Tech)

How to Vet Potential IT Firms (Even If You Don’t Know Much About Tech)

Learn Everything You Need to Know About an IT Consulting Firm with 3 Simple Questions

Nobody can be an expert on everything, and that’s okay– we need people with different skill sets in all aspects of life in order to get things done the right way. Maybe you’re incredible at putting together dazzling graphic designs. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, and you problem-solve like no one else. Maybe you’re a brilliant marketer.

How To Vet Potential IT Firms (Even If You Don’t Know Much About Tech)

If your unique skill set doesn’t include “expert-level IT know-how,” don’t fret– you are still more than capable of vetting potential IT firms to find the best IT consulting firm for your company’s needs.

All you need to do is ask 3 simple, non-technical questions:

  • Where does learning stop for your employees?
  • How do you make sure your service keeps improving?
  • What is your strategy for putting together your team?

Technology never stops evolving, which means employees at potential IT firms should never stop learning.

Good IT Firms Encourage Employees to Keep Learning

Technology is always evolving– just ask anyone who’s always chasing the latest and greatest smartphone. The IT firms that will best serve your company understand this, and that’s why they make it a point to encourage continuous employee learning.

Potential IT firms should be able to tell you about initiatives put in place to make sure their staff always has the most up-to-date knowledge about IT products, services, trends, and risks.

Your business needs to innovate to continues growing, and the right IT firm will be your partner in innovation.

Great IT Firms Also Work on Improving Their Relationships with Clients

Once you sign the contract, your IT firm shouldn’t fall off the face of the earth until you call the help desk. An operationally mature IT provider will have strategies in place for continual improvement and innovation.

Don’t be afraid to ask about how your IT firm will be able to support your growing and changing business. In a world where the demands placed on businesses– particularly if you are operating small business or startup– shift so rapidly, it’s important to have an IT firm that can grow and innovate with you.

You’ll be working closely with your IT firm, so make sure you choose an organization with people you’d actually like to spend time interacting with.

The Best IT Firms Understand the Importance of Technical and Personal Skills

Tech support doesn’t exist in a bubble– your IT provider will need to interface with you and other members of your organization regularly, which requires more than just technical knowledge to do successfully.

A great way to get a sense for what kind of people you can expect to work with if you choose a particular IT provider is by asking about their hiring strategy. Any IT consulting firm worth serious consideration should place similar emphasis on technical skills and interpersonal skills (like communication and teamwork).

Getting the answers to these questions and learning more about a potential IT firm’s values can help you make the right decision for your company.

You don’t have to be an IT expert yourself to find an excellent IT firm for your business. Keep these 3 qualities in mind next time you set a meeting with an IT provider, and you’re sure to end up with an IT solution that serves your business now and in the future.

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