How to Troubleshoot and Fix Driver Problems Easily with Driver Booster

Driver Booster is multi-functional driver utility software from IObit, providing everything from computer security to PC optimization and clean-up tools. This software will also keep your computer drivers updated so that you can enjoy browsing for a long time or play PC games without any hassle. It can best be described as a program that primarily helps PC users and businesses quickly and efficiently update drivers for videos, audio, USB, and more. This is an update tool specifically for Windows. Best of all, it’s compatible with all versions of Windows 10 through 8.1, 8 and 7, Windows XP and Vista. It guarantees an up-to-date driver pack solution and a stable system. In simple words, you can update slow drivers before they cause problems and affect your computer performance.

Why should we use Driver Booster?

iObit Driver Booster allows you to download drivers and access them offline when you have no internet access, which can be very handy if you get stuck with a network driver problem that secures you from connecting to the Internet. This is also helpful if you are on the go and do not have access to reliable Wi-Fi.

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Here are some key features of the latest version of Driver Booster.


The database is a vital requirement of any organization or program. And IObit Driver Booster has a very impressive database of drivers. The device provides more than 3,000,000 device drivers in its free version and more than 3,500,000 drivers in its Pro version.

Fixing Issues

It is more than just a driver update software. You can also use it to scan and fix any problem like sound, network, or display issues related to drivers. Anyone who knows how frustrating the default Windows Troubleshooter can be is a blessing.

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Restoring the Backup

This is one of the points we especially liked about this software. You can even restore or backup your device drivers before updating them. So, if the driver update starts causing trouble, you can quickly restore the previous version of the driver.



The driver booster can scan very quickly. The free software took only 10 to 20 seconds to check obsolete drivers on the first run. The other benefits of the app are just as practical. The software is generally easy to use with a modern and straightforward interface. But for offline driver updates, you need another computer connected to the Internet, which can be a bit complicated.


How to use Driver booster?

Like any other computer program, you can easily install it after downloading the setup file from the developer’s website. You don’t have to pay anything because it’s a free download. After downloading, run the setup file, and then the installer will ask you to select your preferred language. In addition, it has two installation modes, one is a standard installation, and the other is a custom installation. So, you can select any of them as you like. Once you have chosen any installation options, it will provide you with the instructions you need to follow for proper installation. It takes a maximum of a few minutes to install this software on your computer or laptop.

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Pros and cons 


  • You can fix and repair broken and old device drivers with one click.
  • It backs up all broken drivers before updating so that data is not lost.
  • Automatic Tool
  • It is useable with all versions of Windows.


  • The application is not compatible with Mac, Linux and Android devices


If you want to keep your computer up to date and if you want to maximize your system performance, you may want to consider using the IObit Driver Booster software. It’s completely safe and secure for your computer. It helps users quickly and securely updates obsolete and annoying drivers with just one click. Its intuitive interface scans for outdated drivers automatically saves your system from problems such as repeated system freezes and crashes, occasionally disconnects network connections, and before the game performs poorly. 

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