How To Recruit The Top Talent In Your Industry

Finding employees is easy. There are going to be a lot of applicants for any open positions when they come up.

How To Recruit The Top Talent In Your Industry

Finding the right employees is not so easy.

The top talent in any industry are very aware that they have the bull by the horns and can choose at their will.

How can you get those people on your team to take your company to the next level? That’s the trick. There are many ways to do this to make sure you attract and keep that talent.

Before you can consider if your company can attract those recruits make sure that your company is set up for them to want to stay. Make sure they have the tools to succeed and have a payroll system to make sure they are paid well.

In this article we will focus on how to recruit them and then discuss retention another time.

Use the right platform

The typical recruitment platforms do a great job at evaluating the skills of a recruit and evaluating if those skills fit the needs of the company.

Very rarely do they go beyond that, however. The rockstars in their field will also not be found on those platforms. 

Instead, AI is taking on the role of evaluating the top talent by learning the goals of a candidate, their passions in life and their unique talents that they will bring to the table. Then these platforms will curate a list for recruiters providing them with the people that are going to be the right fit for you and for them.

Understanding what makes the recruit tick and what is important to them will also help tailor the right message when reaching out to recruit them.

Test their skills

Will the top talent be the right fit for your company? After all, just because that person is at the top of their game doesn’t mean you are both on the same playing field.

That’s why you will need to do an evaluation of their actual skills during the recruiting process. 

Remote testing of candidates is becoming the preferred method to make this evaluation. Instead of hours long meetings and interviews that can drain the excitement of both the recruit and the person recruiting them, these tests are done by the recruit on their own.

Many tests are customizable to align best with the company’s needs and uses psychology to gauge personality and skills at the same time.

Keep them in the loop

Throughout the process of the recruitment from the application to the hiring and onboarding, use some software to effectively keep the recruit up to date on their status.

Much like tracking a package online, let them see where they are in the process so there is no mystery and they don’t have to feel like they need to be constantly following up.

To have a greater connection during this process, they can be informed by text or email so it doesn’t come across as a cold process devoid of any humanity. 

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