How to Insert a Google Map into a WordPress Blog (& Why You Should Do It At All)

Any business that wants to succeed today must leverage everything to get more traffic to their website and customers to their door. Considering that more and more of any business is transferring online, it’s even more important to maximize your SEO and grow traffic. This means that you must add using Google My Business to your marketing strategy. Therefore, you’ll need to embed a Google Map into your WordPress website.

How to Insert a Google Map into WordPress the Easy Way

How To Insert A Google Map Into A WordPress Blog Why You Should Do It At All

WordPress is the most popular platform of its kind and there are many solutions that simplify working with it. Therefore, the easiest and most efficient way to embed a Google Map into your website is o look up the best mapping plugins for WordPress. Then, it’s a simple matter of installing the plugin and following the step-by-step instructions it provides. You can have a map properly integrated within minutes and no knowledge of coding is required to do this.

Deoendi9ng on the plugin, it will be easy to customize the page with the map. You’ll need to provide a title, choose the size and placement, etc. Note that you can even place several maps on a single page. This will make browsing more convenient for customers of chain businesses. Be sure to include the “find the closest to me” feature into your website as well.

You’ll be able to manage the maps using your WordPress menu as the plugin will be added to it. But the exact features and settings will depend on the plugin you pick.

Adding a Google Map by Hand

It’s possible to insert a Google Map into your WordPress site by hand, although it will take longer. To do this, you’ll need to use the Google Maps service itself. Open the map and enter the location you need to show in the map.

As you’ll be doing this by hand, be sure to enter the location correctly. A simple mistake here might make the map on your website useless. And as this will cause frustration to visitors, your ranking will go down.

Once you have the location, click the right-hand panel and copy the link. Then, open your WordPress website and paste the code. You can paste int into a page, template, or post. The overall look as well as SEO will depend on it, so choose wisely.

Note that you can use the customize the embedded map panel in Google Maps to change the design of the map. But there aren’t many options to choose from in terms of style customization. You’ll need to do this before you embed the link into your post or page.

However, it’s important to note that this method allows you to effectively include only one Google Map. This means that if you want to insert several maps into your website, you will need to make a separate page for each.

Using the Google Maps Widget

You can also insert a Google Map into your WordPress website using Google’s own widget. This is a very simple and straightforward method. You’ll need to install the widget and activate it.

You’ll need to enter the address in the widget’s settings. After this, you’ll have several customization options. You will be able to choose the size of the map, pin color, zoom level, and so on. Overall, you do basic customizations and click Save. That’s all, the map is included.

This method is easy and cheap. However, it won’t give you a sophisticated look that various specialized mapping plugins can provide. Therefore, if you want to make a website that really stands out, you should consider a more professional approach.

In Conclusion: Never Dismiss the Importance of Local SEO

Did you know that almost half (46%) of all Google searches inquire about local information? Or that 88% of people who find info about a local business visit it within the next 24 hours?

Such is the power of local SEO and no business today can afford to ignore it. In fact, as we are going through a global economic recession now, consumer spending decreases. Therefore, there really is a battle going for attracting every customer. In this situation, promoting your local SEO through Google Maps must become a priority.

Adding a Google Map to your website instantly helps improve local SEO. But this also allows you a way to show off your reviews in a way that people using Google (which means almost everyone) will notice.

Also, don’t forget that Google Maps is a handy service on its own. Unlike some other maps, this one will provide directions and other perks to ensure your prospective customers can find your business easily.

But most importantly, adding this type of map increases site interactivity. Today it’s an important factor for high ranking. It encourages people to spend more time on your website, which increases your visibility.

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