How to Clean Up Your Computer and One-Click Fix Problems with Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is a PC optimization tool developed by IOBIT. This is the ultimate solution to most PC problems. Advanced SystemCare is here to fix problems with one click whether you’re experiencing issues with your computer’s cleanup, system optimization, speed, security, and privacy. This software works with a variety of tools, even with a single click. It has a simple interface and one-click features to solve any technical issues, allowing any user, even a beginner or non-technical person, to handle this software efficiently. 

Why should we use Advanced System Care?

There is much software on the market that runs on Windows, Mac, or Android operating systems. These software slows down over time. This is due to ignorance of reform. A tool needs to be improved from time to time to maintain its good health and achieve smooth performance. 

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But manually improving the device is a complex task. So we need a tool that improves with minimal manual work, and Advanced SystemCare is the best for optimization. It has all the key features and functions that an optimizing tool should have. It improves the PC and takes care of it while maintaining speed, privacy, and security. 

Here are some key features of Advanced System Care


This feature protects your sensitive data to protect you from any security breaches or privacy threats. It keeps your critical data away from malicious software and suspicious sites. Its browser anti-tracking feature clears your browsing fingerprint. 

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Startup Optimization

This module deals with startup items. There are some files and programs on PC that run automatically when Windows starts. Therefore, it is essential to optimize these files and programs because the boot time of the PC depends on it. To optimize startup-related programs and files, there is an option called Startup Optimization. This feature improves boot time to achieve fast boot. 

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Its one-click scanning feature makes it very easy to use for all users there. It also gives you the power to customize options for convenience. The Care feature includes several options for smooth computer system optimization. All you need to do is tap the scan button, and then your computer will be well taken care of.

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Privacy Sweep

Privacy Sweep is a feature of Advanced SystemCare that clears general activity and surfing history. This is very important not only from a privacy point of view but also to clean the PC.

Junk File Clean

Junk files are files that are not commonly used but are still found on every PC. Mostly, these files contain cache, data, and much more. These files need to be kept clean as it consumes disk space and affects PC performance. However, it can also be cleaned manually, but with Advanced System Care, this task becomes much smoother and more manageable. You can check the list of all junk files with one clean click button.

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How to use Advanced System Care?

Getting started with Advanced SystemCare is extremely easy due to its simple user interface. The best thing about Advanced SystemCare is that everything is automated, with no manual work required. First, download and install the Advanced SystemCare, which is a simple method. 

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To get started, select the module you want to scan and click the Large Scan button. Scanning begins, and after a few minutes, the list will appear. Below the list are two buttons, FIX and BACK.

The FIX button fixes each issue one by one if clicked, and the back button will take you to the Advanced SystemCare home screen.

Pros and cons


  • One tap cleaning and scanning
  • Easy to use
  • Privacy protection features
  • Intuitive interface
  • Advanced toolbox


  • The application is not compatible with Mac and Linux devices


The software is modern-looking and intuitive and provides high-quality junk file cleaning at the click of a mouse. IObit Advanced SystemCare Free has an excellent scan tool that optimizes startups, cleans your registry, removes spyware, speeds up your Internet, and cleans junk files. ۔Its other features are many, and when it is full of promises, there is enough to make it worth your time.

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