How technology is changing the gaming industry in India

Gambling has been around for many centuries and since its early days, it has been evolving rapidly and technology has given its spin to the lottery and casino winnings. The popularity of gaming has never gone down and actually, it keeps increasing because people love humouring the adrenaline rush that arises when participating in casino games and lottery. The first casino games were simply dice rolling that later evolved into slot machines, touch screens and more. The legal situation has been questioned however industry expert states on their website:  “It’s technically legal to play at online casinos in Indian, although the market is not regulated.”

How Technology Is Changing The Gaming Industry In India

This means that most casinos are currently operating under MGA, SGA, DGA, Or UK Gambling Commission. Meaning even if the market is unregulated, the online casinos there are adhering to EU or UK licenses, laws and rules. 

With that in mind, here is how entertainment technology has played great roles in online casinos and lotteries so far. 

  • Mobile devices and apps allowed easier access to games

Mobile devices and apps have already taken over our daily lives and almost every industry is relying on them. From finance to restaurants, it is very hard to find businesses that do not use the technologies. That applies to India too. Hitting jackpots and winning lotteries is more accessible and convenient today because you only need to install an application in your mobile device. 

A more recent study has shown that the number of individuals who bet with mobile apps and websites has risen by around 80 percent since 2018. It accounts for around 45 percent of the gaming industry, possibly because people can now place their bets or play their casino games while inside their houses.

The growth of online casinos has been rapid. Some years ago, it would be hard to imagine that we could play casino games on mobile phones. Even though desktop computers were available at that time, they were boring, slow and frustrating. Now, 5G smartphone networks are about to enter the market and the developing technology is allowing gamblers in India to play as many games as possible on their devices. 

The number of mobile casinos is always increasing and most of these casinos offer an experience similar to that you expect in the land-based casinos. Mobile portability is convenient for gamblers to lay casino games at any time and any place. The games are also available in two modes – browser versions and apps. The versions have made the games smoother to play.  

  • Virtual reality

Virtual reality is among the key factors in online gambling and it has been improving continuously to strengthen its ways. The technology has made virtual reality practical and mobile casinos have taken its full advantage. Some online casinos in India have developed mobile games close to what gamblers expect in physical casinos. So, players can feel as if they are playing real slots, roulette and blackjack casino games. 

  • Gesture recognition 

The number of gaming websites relying on gesture recognition technology in India has been increasing. Gesture recognition is among the new technologies in the online gaming industry and estimates show that it might be worth $18 billion by the end of the year 2020. The technology is playing a vital role in the online gaming industry. From folding to gesturing at the poker table and spinning the roulette wheel, players are enjoying the gesture recognition technology. 

  • Technology is changing betting shops

Bookmakers are working hard to ensure that their shops are relevant because gamblers are opting for mobile apps. With the help of technology, they are trying to ensure that the betting shops are relevant. The bookmakers are integrating technology to the shops in the form of touchscreen online betting kiosks. The social activity is allowing people to play with their friends. That way, the casinos are able to attract more people. 

The bookmakers offer many things that people would not get if they opted to place their bets when in their home. They involve the use of many cards when betting online or using cash – there are no limits. Social features are better than chatting with strangers in online casinos. The shops also create a community feeling that you would not get when betting through a website or mobile device. 

  • Technology is helping casinos meet the demand for mobile lotteries 

It is evident that the demand for mobile gambling is on the rise, meaning that gamblers want it to be accessible at all times. People expect safe and more secure gambling applications that they can use to place bets without any fears of losing their money. That is the reason casinos are advertising casino gambling kiosks as completely secure and user-friendly. When gambling in the casinos, people get receipts as proof of their deposits. 


Experts in the online gambling industry believe that casinos can meet the need and demand to win lotteries if they came together. The industry has evolved rapidly within the last few decades and technology is exacerbating the entire process to ensure that lotteries and gambling are enjoyable for individuals who choose to take part in them. 

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