How SMS Is Changing The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

SMS (Short Message Service) is one of the most popular feature in the mobile devices. SMS is simple and straight to the point. Why simple? Because you don’t have much options, you send and receive message, and that’s the concept of communication. Almost every basic mobile user is aware about SMS and he/she uses it everyday.

Here we displayed another useful infographic from MBA Online about “How SMS Messaging Is Changing The World”. You can find out the most used data service in the world, how many people have cellphones worldwide but no electricity and more interesting facts.

SMS Infographic


Can you live without SMS? How many times do you use it per day?

17 thoughts on “How SMS Is Changing The World [INFOGRAPHIC]”

    • Ah,
      Sound too weird to for us by the new rules by TRAI 100sms/day..its too hard to survive these days πŸ˜›

  1. At times, reading Infographics based on little text and visual artistic work is much better than reading Articles πŸ˜€

    Besides that, after a good research Designing them is more interesting and fun!

  2. Its really great info graphics about SMS and its really useful information to all the people in the wide. Great to hear such type of worthy info graphics on here πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for given up here πŸ™‚

  3. This is a great infographic. Very nicely researched and designed. I love infographics, and I have been wanting to create some for my blogs also. Any idea where can I find a good infographic designer?

    • There are several graphic designers out there Jasmine, you can try to approach the person from MBA Online (original source), they may refer you to the concerned person behind this. πŸ™‚

  4. SMS is a feature that is most widely used in India and Africa, If Im not wrong. Most other countries calls are more relevant than SMS. May be college students use SMS but with that said. It has a higher call percent vs SMS percent.

  5. The Inforgraphic should have contained also the number of accidents that are caused because of texting while driving. I know this is not a nice subject, but it's real.


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