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How to do traffic arbitrage in the travel niche


Whatever your online business is, arbitrage techniques are important to boost your project. Often, working on only content or SEO is not enough to get results. If you find yourself in this condition, this article will help you monetize your project online in a short time and in a profitable way. Here are three reasons to do traffic arbitrage in the travel niche:

The travel segment is constantly growing. Thanks to the development of technologies and new airports, it has become easier to enter, and the prices of tickets are falling. Even in those years when, due to jumps in the rate, the average cost of a flight increases, the number of tickets for air travel does not decrease.

How Do Traffic Arbitrage In The Travel Niche

Travel has gone online. In the market for package tours, the share of online sales is only 3-4% and annually doubles. More and more, people buy air tickets and tours online: It’s easier to return money to a card than to get cash back, and it’s more convenient than going to the physical department of a tour operator or a ticket office.

Repeated sales. When you develop a relationship with the client, he will buy tickets from you again. At the same time, people develop and their incomes grow. As a result, the web master profits.

What is traffic arbitrage?

In this article you’ll see how you can make money with this type of business. However, first you must understand what traffic arbitrage is and how it works.

This type of business involves buying traffic at the lowest possible price and then monetizing it, selling advertising space on your destination page or having the user perform an action, such as clicking a banner or buying a product on which you will take a commission.

Its operation may seem simple but the line between gains and losses is very thin. You must conduct many tests to get a concrete result.

The main objective is to buy good traffic at the lowest price; the less you can pay for the traffic, the higher the chances of a return. For example, if you pay $10 per 1000 visitors and manage to receive 100 clicks at an average value of 12 cents, you will get a margin of 20% on the expenditure made.

Where to buy traffic (contextual ads, social networks and so on)

The next step is to buy the traffic. In recent years, the number of available possibilities has increased. Some work better than others. Beyond the purchase price, what makes the difference in your buying campaigns is the quality of the traffic that you will be able to bring to your destination page.

These are just some of the possibilities from which to start:

Pay Per Click Ads. The most popular service is Google AdWords, which allows you to purchase keywords to position your ad as one of the sponsored search results. Bing Ads is a great alternative

Contextual Ads. This is the positioning of advertising campaigns on websites. Targeting is based on keywords in your site or article. The first resource is Google AdSense. Thanks to a code inserted in your site, you will receive payment based on the number of users who see the ad. With the arbitrage CPM, this advertising model is defined. You will be paid for every 1000 views.

Social Networks. Due to the number of users, social networks give you opportunities to monetize. Creating sponsored content is very easy and fast. The more creative you are, the easier it will be to receive conversions from your paid campaign. Facebook is by far the best platform to start from. Even a few dollars can be enough for a successful campaign.

Banners. These have always been a symbol of paid advertising. Even today it’s a valid method, but the chances of revenue are low because the user sees the banner as invasive advertising. The use of ad blockers greatly limits your chances of receiving revenue.

Where to sell traffic

The first step is to evaluate your niche and study your competitors. It may seem silly, but it’s important to not waste time and money. Evaluate your reference market well and learn what to invest in or what to avoid.
The best way to do this is to specialize in a niche. Create valuable content so you have a good number of visitors to your website and have a better chance of making money.

Test more solutions, take some time to compare them and then carry on with what is most profitable.
If your business is not based on your website and you direct your traffic directly to the advertiser’s website, you have less freedom of movement because you must comply with the rules that the advertiser imposes. In the event of a violation, your account will be blocked and you will not have the opportunity to withdraw your funds.

White Label Website for PPC arbitrage

When creating a White Label business, you must be careful if you want to do PPC arbitrage, especially in terms of what you can or cannot do independently of the advertising network. You have restrictions to consider:

  • Do not use keywords that directly indicate the brand (Jetradar, Hotellook, and Aviasales) or spelling variants.
  • Do not use direct links to the advertiser’s domain.
  • Do not deceive users with fake promotions.
  • Do not spam in any way.
  • These tips are often ignored, which can result in lost money for your PPC campaigns and banning from the network.

A good method to use arbitrage for White Label could instead be:

  • Direct traffic to your White Label.
  • Forward traffic to the advertiser’s domain through your website.
  • Use email for real promotions without spam.

The weaknesses of White Label:

For the seller: Fewer opportunities to influence production – all technologies and designs are concentrated in the partner’s sphere of responsibility of the partner. Additional resources are required for technical support and maintenance of the product.

For the creator: Reputation is not strengthened when the product is successfully launched – it is immediately associated with the seller’s brand. There is no direct contact with the end user, so it is difficult to get feedback from the market.

Step-by-step plan to start PPC arbitrage for travel offers

The advantages of using PPC arbitrage traffic are many, especially in the travel industry, where the competition, especially with large brands, is very high. Therefore, learning to create a campaign is important. SEO is definitely a factor to be developed in your business plan so that you appear in the top positions of search engines – the primary objective for having traffic on your site.

Ok, but where to start? If you’ve come here, you surely understand the importance of your site’s content and the reason why you chose a niche. We will prepare the first PPC campaign on Google AdWords.

Create a Google account. If you use Gmail, you can skip this step.

Go to Adwords.Google.com and sign into your account. After the AdWords welcome screen, click on the “Start now” button to continue. You will be redirected to a page where you will have to enter your email and website. Enter the information by clicking on “Continue” to proceed.

  • Set up your campaign by choosing the budget you want to invest.
  • Choose the target audience and the keywords you want to use.
  • Select the amount of the offer for the ad. Google will set the amount so that you have more clicks for your budget.
  • Write the text ad. Then enter the destination URL, the titles and a description of the ad. Click on “Save and continue.”
  • Add your payment details. Then click on “Finish and create ad” to complete the configuration.

Everything there? As you can see, the procedure is very simple but it doesn’t end there, Google AdWords works like an auction; the one who offers the most wins. To get results you must find the right keywords for your campaign and understand those that have the fewest offers. To do this, you have excellent tools at your disposal, such as the Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Wordtracker. If you want to check your competitors, you could use SEMRush.

Making money with web traffic arbitrage in the travel niche

Traffic arbitrage 2018 is a still valid solution to earn online. There are no secrets or magic formulas. The magic word is to experiment, start with a small budget and try to scale your campaign so that you have an ever-increasing ROI.

It’s not important to be an expert. Of course, in the beginning, you will make mistakes and unfortunately lose money. However, consistency and the desire to achieve your goal must be the drive to continue testing and get results!


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