Helpful practical tips for writing your paper!

Read other works.

You know how you can read books and your vocabulary will get bigger and bigger? The exact same thing here. If you read other people’s essays, you’ll develop your writing style. And don’t just read those that are from your domain, but others, from many other fields – they can help you in writing your argument and the technique may differ from field to field.

Helpful Practical Tips For Writing Your Paper

Think about what you like about them and what you don’t. Think about why you like them. Did they make you understand the topic better? Is the argument good? Does it have enough examples? Before starting to panic and ask people to ‘do my essay‘, you really need to check those other essays out.

Your vocabulary should be written correctly.

This way, those who read your essay are going to understand it better, and they’ll see your exact point of view. That’s why, you also need to understand that you don’t have to use too many, complicated words because no one likes to read such essays.

Work on your vocabulary constantly. There are so many words you don’t know, you’d be surprised. Keep in mind that this is the mirror of your mind, this shows how intelligent you are. And if you’re intelligent, you will persuade people easily.

To easily learn more words you can, for example, have a “word a day” app, or subscribe to such emails. Create a folder in your mail and put them all there. Or you can always read some more. Look in the dictionaries for words you don’t know (seeing them in a context is so helpful!). Don’t read just your favorite genre, try some others, too. You can always access a thesaurus, it gives you synonyms and it’s easy to use.

Use the elevator pitching technique

This is usually used by salespeople – it’s basically a pretty good argument about why they should buy a certain product. So imagine yourself in a lift. Until your lift gets to the floor you want to get, you have to find a good argument so that people will want to buy the product. Or know more about it. It makes you think faster and concise. It will also help in finding your words quickly.

What do the people say?

Essays reflect your mind. You show in there what you’re thinking about and how much you know about a certain topic. But make sure you don’t forget to quote other people’s opinions and, of course, the original sources. It’s not possible that everyone will agree with you. So give them other points of view, too.
Make a list of all the people from that certain field and their perspectives. But don’t quote that much. Write a quote and then say you’re opinion, too, because you have something to say, you’re not just hiding behind other ideas.

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