Guest Authors Of HellBound Bloggers – March 2011

March 2011 was dominated by our Guest Authors and we received interesting posts. March 2011 turned out to be better than February 2011 for us. This month we got 17 Guest Authors.

We are constantly trying to improve the standard of this blog and our guest bloggers are boosting us. If you are about to guest blog, you can check these posts :

#1 – Guest Blogging: So Why Should You Care?

#2 – You Blog. Should You Guest Blog?

This month we had good number of Guest Authors, and I’m damn sure you would have enjoyed all their lovely articles.

#1 – Jessica Meyer : Jessica writes frequently for the French version of the online reputation management platform Reputation Observer as well as the German adaption of Reputation Observer.

Article : 3 Simple Reasons Why You Need More Content

#2 – Sulakshan : Sulakshan runs a price comparison site for books and mobiles – MySmartPrice give you the best (lowest) price for any mobile or book from across 9 online stores in India.

Article : Will Samsung Be The new Nokia? [FACTS]

#3 – Rahul : Rahul is Technology lover and a fitness advocate who is associated with weightlosstriumph. He has a weight loss blog where he features Medifast savings and nutrisystem discount deals.

Article : 6 Effective Ways To Increase Your RSS Subscribers

#4 – Spencer Belkofer : Spencer Belkofer is the founder of Lumin, an Alabama Internet marketing firm, designed to bring the power of advanced Internet marketing to Alabama.

Article : HOW TO: Increase Your Site’s Conversions : Back To The Basics

#5 – Alan Buckingham : Alan is the owner and editor of Making Windows Easy. He loves technology of all sorts, but also takes time to be both an avid distance runner and hiker.

Article : 3 Essential WordPress Plugins To Enhance SEO

#6 – Praveen : Praveen is a 11th grade student from India. He likes blogging and blogs at Geeks4share about Blogging Tips, SEO, Marketing, Money Making and Tips And Tricks in computer.

Article : HOW TO: Edit Subtitles To Sync It With The Audio

#7 – Jasmine : Jasmine is an experienced web developer and web consultant. She is also the chief editor at Best Web Host – a web hosting review and resources website.

Article : Why Facebook Is So Addictive? [CASE STUDY]

#8 – Saksham Talwar : Saksham is a part time blogger who likes to write on blogging, technology and SEO. He blogs at Blogging Junction where he shares link bait tips and tips to blog fast.

Article : Are You A Better Blogger? Ask Yourself Now.

#9 – Ganesh Babu : Ganesh Babu is a blogger studying in 11th Grade and he blogs at

Article : HOW TO: Create Chipmunk Version Of Any Song

#10 – Sandeep “Shawn” Tripathy : Sandeep “Shawn” Tripathy is the creator of the Axetue Web Network which owns websites like Axetue and Shawntimes

Article : 6 Amazing Wonders Of Open Source [LIST]

#11 – Chetan Bhawani : Chetan Bhawani is a dentist, and a tech blogger who writes at several blogs and an advisor about web hosting.

Article : 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Web Designers

#12 – Jane Sheeba : Jane is the founder and author of Find All Answers which is a multi-niche blog on Blogging Tips, Relationships and Self Improvement.

Article : What Guest Posting On Blogs Is NOT About

#13 – Jacob Josh : Josh is an experienced online marketing professional working with software application development company India. Josh have published various articles on importance of designs in website performance.

Article : 4 Simple Tips To Use VoIP Services Efficiently

#14 – Charles Mburugu : Charles Mburugu is a professional content developer and an entrepreneur. He often writes about real estate, finance, business start-ups and internet marketing.

Article : 6 Useful Tips For Engaging Facebook Pages & Communities Wisely and 7 Vital Features Of An Effective Social Media Campaign.

#15 – Warner Carter : Warner is a guy who likes the net and tech stuff, especially SEO. He works at an SEO Reseller company Endless Rise.

Article : 5 Effective Blogging Moves In 2011

#16 – Alex Trots : Alex is 24 years. Just sitting, writing, blogging, playing drums. Love to play computer games and making music.

Article : 3 In-built Apps To Quicken Your Computer’s Performance

#17 – Selena Narayanasamy : She loves all things technology, blogging, productivity, social media and caffeine. You can find her writing on her social/tech website Esvienne.

Article : The Shift To Interactive Advertising And Apps

If you wish to be a part of HBB, you can become a guest author by contributing Guest Posts. Do check ‘Join HBB’ and Guest Blogging Rules. Cheers.

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  1. Very nice volume of guest bloggers you have. I will also be joining your blog in a few days. Hope, i had that much guest bloggers too.

  2. Good to see that you have too many guest bloggers. I want to see my name next month here. Any i will contribute.

  3. This is great Pradeep, you get so many guest authors. Wish also had as many good guest authors. 🙂

  4. Hi Pradeep,

    Thanks for the mention. It is glad to be part of the writing band for HBB. Congrats to all guest authors.

    HBB is a great blog. I invite all of its readers to contribute.


  5. Wow, you have a lot of guest authors! Oh yeap, I am one of them too, … I have only managed to contribute one article last month. ^_^

  6. The stats are improving every month, congrats mate. I would love to contribute one soon.

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