Use This Google Tool To Check Website Mobile Friendly Or Not

Your website design is an essential identity for your brand and it should be accessible (and compatible) to all the users. I’m pretty sure everyone has a smartphone or a tablet these days, they use it more or less equal to their mainstream desktop computer, so it’s an essential step to check website mobile friendly or not for your visitors/readers/customers.

Even if your website (or blog) appears normal on your smartphone screen, it doesn’t mean it is friendly, we have to analyze your website equally – like, see it from a random reader’s angle and see it from Google bot’s angle. There are many factors behind it, like loading speed, number of resources, image optimization, etc.

Thankfully, Google has a simple check tool to find whether your website is mobile friendly or not with a single click.

Check Website Mobile Friendly Or Not

Go to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page and enter the desired URL. You can also experiment with sharing different pages/posts on your blog. We entered our blog’s URL, and we passed the test. We revamped our blog theme and made it responsive for mobile/tablet layout recently.

Google Tool Check Website Mobile Friendly

We used another website URL to check the tool, and we got “Not Mobile-friendly” status. They also mentioned the reasons for the result like – “Content wider than screen” and “Links too close together”. We can see the number of resources that are blocked by your website’s robots.txt file.

Google Tool Check Website Not Mobile Friendly

You can check your website’s robots.txt file to see whether it is blocking Googlebot from loading some of the page’s resources. You can also use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to improve your website (both desktop/mobile version) further.


3 Things To Take Care When Optimizing Websites For Mobile Devices

If you are a WordPress user, then either use a plugin that makes your blog compatible with mobile devices or redesign the theme to make it responsive with mobile devices. Do optimize your website for mobile/tablet layout look and see the result in traffic/conversion. Use this simple Google tool to check your websites and let us know your views in the comments below.

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