Google Search Engine Special Operators

We can get almost anything if we use Google correctly and in this article, I explained how to do it with Google Search Engine Special Operators.

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Google Search Operators

Google Search Special Operators

1. Link : Webpages that can act as link in websites or webpages.


2. Cache :To know which part (version) in webpages stored in Google cache.


3. Info : To know more information about the site.


4. Define : To know the meaning of the word.

define: internet

5. Intext : To find the text present inside the webpages.

6. Inanchor : To find the words present in the links in the webpages.

inanchor: winzip

7. Movie : To find the movies.

movie: Terminator

8. File Type : To file documents with required extensions.

filetype: pdf

animation filetype: ppt

9. Calculator : You can do calculations in Google too.

4^7, 2*6, sqrt(100)

10. Date Range : Webpages that are intext between two periods .

We should use Julian value for the time (date) periods.

Format :-

word daterange: Julian Date start value – End value

For eg,

To search the word “Microsoft” between the dates 06.05.2006 to 06.05.2008.

To find Julian value to Date and vice versa visit the site

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  1. Also, While searching on Google, avoid useless words like is, the, of… etc because search engines ignores such words..

  2. Very informative. i knew some operators b4 but not all of them. you can even use calculator on Google i never think of it . Thnx


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