Golf At Home: The Coolest Tech Of 2014

golf at home coolest tech 2014

Perhaps more than any other, golf stands out as a sport that people love to put their resources into. People who aspire to reach their peak in the game and hobbyists alike are always looking for new ways to enjoy their golf game and improve upon it. It should come as no surprise, then, that the market for golfing at home is continuing to grow. There are a few interesting technologies that are already out or slated for release in 2014 aimed at people who love the sport.

Putt Pocket Training is a tool that nearly any golfer will be able to benefit from. It simulates a smaller hole than what’s found on regulation golf courses. This relies on the same psychology that’s applied in other sports, with the idea being that practicing on a smaller hole will translate to more accurate putting on a typical course. Because of the size and portability of the Putt Pocket Training, casual players and enthusiasts can use it in virtually any home environment.

Putting is only one facet of the sport, though. For most players, improvement on their swing is where the most gains can come from. Of course, it isn’t always feasible to head to a driving range, so there’s a lot of pent-up demand for golfers to improve their swing at home. The Golf Swing Analyser solves this problem. It attaches to the grip of a club and then collects motion data on a player’s swing. The tool provides feedback on swing speed, club head speed and other factors and then relays it back to a smartphone app. Because the technology doesn’t require a ball to actually be hit, players can use it anywhere in their home where they have room to practice their swing. There’s no way to really play through a round with this analysis tool, but it has some obvious benefits in the data that it collects for players. Anyone who’s serious about improving their golf game will want to look into this one.


Rounding out the list of golf’s coolest tech in 2014 is a piece of technology that hobbyists and enthusiasts will think find captivating – the OptiShot. The tech side of OptiShot is amazing enough, as it provides a swing analysis and an accurate simulation of a shot in certain real-world conditions. However, it’s the whole of the system that makes it incredible. It provides a 3D environment for golfers to practice on real-life courses. Shots are monitored using infrared, and thus players can swing indoors using real balls and a net, practice foam balls, or no golf balls at all.

The benefits of OptiShot are almost endless. For the golfer who just wants to improve their game, the data and simulated environment is as close to the real thing as it gets without actually leaving the home. For those who mainly enjoy golf as a hobby, OptiShot is a great compromise between playing a golf video game and actually heading to the course. It’s priced for the consumer market, too, so just about anyone who’s partially serious about their game can purchase one.

That sums up some of the most interesting technology for golf at home. A decade ago, indoor putting greens and nets were some of the most advanced solutions for golfing indoors. Today, we’re fortunate enough to have enough technology in the mix that a player can actively improve their game or enjoy a full game without stepping outside. No matter what a player’s skill level is, there’s a gadget that fits their needs. Golf has officially made its way to the 21st Century.

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