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Features of Using American Express for Gambling


American Express, also called Amex, is a household name when it comes to credit/debit cards. The brand started operations in the year 1850. Ever since, they have remained famous as people use their cards for payments in different places, including online casinos. Due to their huge success, the brand got themselves called the “choice of payment supreme“.

Features Of Using American Express For Gambling

In the world, American express ranks as the 14th most valuable brands in the world. That tells you how safe it is for making online purchases. Even more, you can also use their cards to fund your gambling account.

So far, it’s evident that their credit cards are the main reason for their success. As of today, the company has about 100 million cards circulating in the world. In the US alone, American Express cards account for a quarter of all credit card transactions. The question though is, what do their customers gain from using their cards to fund gaming accounts? Are there any drawbacks in using their cards, especially with online casinos? In this article, you will find answers to these questions. Also, you will understand how to use the cards at online casinos that accept American Express

Advantages of using American Express at Online Casinos

The following are some reasons why punters prefer using American Express for payment at online casinos. 

Ease of use

When you use Amex to fund your casino account, the process is easy, fast and safe. As against some other methods of payments, most casinos process transactions involving Amex cards with immediate effect. 

Extensive Limits

American Express offers more flexibility to gamers using their cards for payments. At such, high rollers would find this method of payment very beneficial to make their large deposits.    

General Acceptance 

Most online casinos accept American Express as a method of payment, and that’s due to their robust reputations. Compared with cards from other companies, the possibility of having a casino reject a card from Amex is uncommon.

Sign-up is not necessary.

After you have collected your card, you do not need any extra online account to activate the card. To use your Amex card for online payments, you only need to enter your details, and you would have your transactions processed.

Drawbacks of Using American Express at Online Casinos 

No matter how good, something must have come with their share of disadvantages. When you use Amex to make payments at an online casino, the following are some of the disadvantages that come with it: 

Amex Cards Attract Fees

Like with most card payments options, transactions with Amex cards come at a price. Sadly, Amex comes with a fee that is higher than most other cards. The problem here is, the casino operators bear all the costs and not the customers. As such, some casinos do not offer the option of payment at all times because it can be costly. However, this is usually a problem with new casinos.

E-wallets are more secure.

While Amex cards are relatively safe to use, they can still be prone to some security issues. Compared with E-wallets, the cards lack the required extra layer of security that assures you of all-round protection.   

Limited Withdrawals

American Express cards, whether credit or debit have limits when it comes to making withdrawals. When you make deposits at online casinos with your Amex card, the casinos might not allow you to make withdrawals using the same card. In most cases, you have to select alternate methods of withdrawals to claim your winnings.

How to use Amex cards at online casinos 

Using your Amex credit/debit card at an online casino is straightforward. First, you need to find online casinos that accept American Express and register. After that, you can head to the designated page for deposits. There you will see all the payment options available on such casinos. Find Amex on the list and select it. 

Go ahead and fill the information as required by the casino. This would include your name and your billing address. Other relevant information you would fill include the expiry date of your card number and card expiration date. These two, you will find in front of your card. 

As with regular procedure, you would also have to provide your CVV code. The CVV code is the number written behind your card. 

After entering the information on the webpage, the casino will have you fill the amount of money you wish to deposit at the casino. When you pay in with Amex cards, you have a 24-hour waiting period.

After 24 hours, the casino should confirm your deposit.


Amex cards provide a credible and reliable method of payment amongst several options available in most casinos. However, its use is not extensive, especially for casinos in the US. That is due to the UIGE act and the cost that comes with using it for payments.  Even at that, it is a suitable method of payment for high rollers.


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