The Evergreens: The 3 Most Profitable Affiliate Niches Today

When starting a new blog, you have to take into account not only your enthusiasm about your topic but also a way to turn your effort into cold, hard cash. To this end, you need to find the niche that has the biggest potential to repay you for the time you spend creating amazing content. Out of the several ways to monetize your online property, participating in affiliate programs has proven to be among the biggest money-makers. And if you ask which ones are the niches with the biggest money-making potential, look no further – they are the “evergreens.” In other words, wealth, health, and romance.

The Evergreens: The 3 Most Profitable Affiliate Niches Today


The “wealth” niche covers quite a wide range of topics, ranging from online gambling to business opportunities, and more. One of the most widespread money-related affiliate niches is online gambling – given its nature, affiliate marketing is one of the handful ways online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks can legally promote their services. The online gambling industry has a value that exceeds $35 billion a year, and operators will gladly share some of this revenue with willing bloggers.

How does a gambling affiliate program work? Well, you, as the blogger, send paying customers to, for example. As soon as the customer registers an account with the 7Sultans and makes a real money deposit, you, as the affiliate, get a commission. This commission can be of multiple types – either a fixed amount paid for every paying customer referred to the 7Sultans or a share of the subsequent deposits made by the player for a given period of time. Gambling affiliate programs are considered to be among the most lucrative niches ever, and with a constant flux of fresh content to cover.


Better health, losing fat, building muscle, and improving one’s immune system – these are among the things most people are constantly looking for. Health blogs are in great demand, and so are health-related products. Blogs in this niche can be filled with everything from recipes and health tips to research papers, product reviews, and their likes, and the products that can be offered through these blogs can range from utensils to cookbooks, from spices to supplements, from pans to ovens, and from dumbbells to treadmills, covering approximately every price range you can think of.

People will always look for ways to improve their health so your health-related web site will have the potential to generate revenues in the long run.


Money and health mean nothing if we have nobody to share it with. Attracting the members of the opposite sex – or the same one, we live in the 21st century, after all – is a popular topic and will probably stay that way for centuries to come. People who are passionate about finding a companion will most likely be willing to pay for products and professional advice to help them do so. And the providers of these products and services will also be eager to share their revenues with you.

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