Enhance Your Bottom Line by Making Money Online

There are hundreds of ways to earn money these days, but some of the newest and most interesting jobs, side-gigs, bargains, and money-making systems are online, and just about anyone can take advantage of them. What’s the reward? Money, of course. Some online efforts pay more than others, so spend time deciding what it is you want to pursue.

Enhance Your Bottom Line By Making Money Online

Take Surveys

There are, as of late 2019, more than 1,000 websites that pay people to take all sorts of surveys. Why does anyone care what we think? Because there are huge profit margins in consumer data, as it’s called by the big info brokers. You won’t be able to make a full-time living doing surveys but there is some nice casual cash to be had if you enjoy answering lots and lots of questions about products, services and politics.


Computer-based teaching and tutoring have exploded in popularity in the past five years. Once several of the giant Chinese companies got on board and began hiring native English speakers, the entire industry grew by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, practically anyone who can speak English and holds a college degree can make a decent living teaching online. Most of the students are children, and you’ll need a top-notch video connection to do the work.

Other tutoring jobs exist that aren’t language-related. Most of those are with one of the dozen or so tutoring corporations that match teachers with students. You can take your pick of subjects as long as you have a college degree and are able to pass a subject-matter test in whatever you choose to teach.


Freelance writing was once the king of online money-making gigs, but its star has faced in light of competition from tutoring, consulting and dozens of other jobs that lend themselves to tele-commuting. Even at that, if you are diligent, can write passably well and don’t mind weird hours, there’s money to be made in the writing profession.

Sell and Resell

If you like to hunt for bargains and resell stuff online for a profit, then you probably have what it takes to be a successful cyber sales success. At one time, eBay was the sole place where you could resell consumer goods, but now there are plenty of places where you can sell your own items of things you bought for the sole purpose of reselling.

Spending Less 

Your efforts online don’t have to be solely focused on saving money with your purchases, it can also be effective to save money on your monthly fixed payments as well. Consider the benefits of refinancing your student loans. You can usually get a better interest rate, more time to pay, and lower monthly payments with a typical refinance. But that’s not all. There are bill cutting services out there that will negotiate on your behalf as well. Think about the money you spend on your phone, cable, lawn maintenance, and utility bills. 

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