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Email To Fax Service| Sending Faxes by Email – CocoFax


Google Fax Free is providing users an accessible platform to know about fax and learn more from here. Buying a fax machine was a thing of older days when modern technologies were not introduced. The modernization of tools has made our lives easier as we can communicate conveniently nowadays.

CocoFax has always stolen the limelight whenever it was discussed about the best online fax service providers. It has remained top of the list of most secure fax transfer applications that provide users the facility to send and receive faxes without using a fax machine or a modem.

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There are already one million users using CocoFax to send and receive faxes wirelessly. The user count of CocoFax is increasing exponentially due to its 100% useful functionality. CocoFax knows no boundaries as it is being used in 190 countries and users have rated it best online fax transfer applications to date.

Emails do not Support Fax by default

Google Fax Free provides users not only the answer to how to send a fax online but the most secure ways to do so. You must be thinking why you have not sent or received faxes using the email address in the past. Well, the reason is that email service providers do not support fax by default.

There, CocoFax is introduced to provide users the ease of faxing by emails. It works as a bridge between email and fax machines. Emails are a utility of digital technology whereas fax uses wired medium and analog signal to transfer the information from one end to another.

To make digital and analog machines compatible with each other for fax transfer, CocoFax is there to assist you. It transfers the documents sent from the email into a fax file so that the receiving machine can interpret it. On the other hand, receiving faxes and translated into digital files for readability concerns.

Email To Fax

Is Email-to-Fax Service of CocoFax free?

Well, the answer is yes but not for unlimited faxes. One should keep in mind that paid subscriptions are always better than unpaid ones because they give you dedicated access to the system. Your account is privileged and it gets extra security because paid tools use encryption techniques to save your file.

To know more about email faxing, you should be familiar with how to send faxes using your email account. Here is a 5-minute procedure for you to get started with online faxing. Do not worry about installation or downloading any app. Just follow these steps and you will be able to send faxes on the go.

1. Signup/Login

The first step involves registration and subscription. Navigate to the official website of CocoFax and hit the Signup button from the top right corner. Fill in the required fields by providing your email address and set a password. This email id will provide access to online faxing by CocoFax.

Do not worry about a fax number as CocoFax provides its users with free fax numbers. You can choose any fax number from the list of available numbers which include vanity and toll-free fax number. This number will remain unchanged so that you can enjoy wireless faxing.

Moreover, CocoFax welcomes new users with a 30-day free trial. You can send faxes and receive them free of cost for a month. In this period, you can assess its services. When the trial period ends, you can subscribe to monthly or premium plans depending upon the frequency of transferred faxes.

2. Compose Email

Compose a new email to send it as a fax file. Enter the cover page details for the fax in the body area of the new email wizard. To give your documents a title, you can enter the relevant details in the ‘Subject’ field. All these details with being amended to the documents and appear as one fax file at the receiver end.

To change the receiver’s number into a valid address, you should add ‘’ as a prefix to the number. For example, if the receiver’s fax number is 12345, then you should enter ‘’ in the ‘To’ field so that faxes are transferred without any interruption.

You can also send multiple files to more than one user at a time using the email-to-fax service of CocoFax. The file formats supported by CocoFax to be sent as a fax file includes .doc, .xls, .pdf, .jpg, .png. You can upload them as an attachment to the email. All files are forwarded as one fax file.

3. Send Email as Fax

Recheck the entered information and the fax numbers to avoid any mistake. Click the send button and CocoFax will automatically convert the digital files into analog ones so that you do not have to do any manual effort. The sent documents are converted into a Tiff file to make them readable for fax machines.

CocoFax sends automated alerts for sent faxes. Whether your documents were successfully sent to the receiver’s fax number or not, you will get notifications along with the transmission log. You can check errors using this file, correct them and resend the file over a secured transmission medium.

Receive Faxes to Email using CocoFax

Receiving faxes to your email account is not a difficult task as you have already registered your CocoFax account. Just log in to your email account and navigate to the Inbox folder. All the received fax will appear as a pdf file along with the sender details and transmission log.

You can check the number of sent and received faxes from the CocoFax dashboard. It keeps a record of all faxes so that you never miss any fax file. CocoFax has also appeared on multiple magazines as the best fax service provider including Forbes, CNET, New York Times, and Life wire.

Moreover, CocoFax provides fully-functional services so that you do not have to deal with bugs and warnings. With its one month free trial and easy-to-use utilities, you can get your hand on online fax transfer without seeking help from anyone else.

To wrap up

CocoFax provides reliable transmission services to users. You can get the security and safety of a fax machine without even using them. CocoFax keeps your file secure from malicious attacks and safe unauthorized users so that no one can access your data without permission.


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