Edwiser Bridge Review: WordPress And Moodle LMS

Before going ahead with Edwiser Bridge Review, if you are not familiar with Moodle, it is a free Open Source Course Management System (CMS) or Learning Management System (LMS). It is designed to help educators create effective online courses. If you are running a WordPress blog and if you want to integrate Moodle LMS, then you can say “Hi” to Edwiser Bridge. Now you can synchronize Moodle Courses and Users with WordPress easily.

Both WordPress and Moodle are Content Management Systems (CMS) and they are Open Source as well. People I know prefer WordPress platform instead of Moodle sites because of better Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Moreover if you are already using a WordPress blog then you will be pretty much familiar with the interface and how it works.

Edwiser Bridge Review

Edwiser Bridge Review: WordPress And Moodle LMS

Go ahead and install Edwiser Bridge – WordPress Moodle LMS Integration plugin. With this plugin you can import and sell Moodle courses. If you have any issues with the installation/configuration process you can refer their documentation.

Edwiser Bridge Extensions

One of the main reasons why Edwiser Bridge is popular is because of their awesome extensions. You also get automatic registration of WordPress users on the Moodle website. Just like we can expand WordPress’s potential with the help of their plugins, we can do the same for Edwiser + Moodle Integration. You can pick the ones you need and integrate them on your blog for a small fee.

WooCommerce Integration: You might be aware of WooCommerce, which is one of the best eCommerce plugins I have ever used for WordPress. Just in case you are using this on your WordPress blog, then here is a great extension to integrate them with Moodle. Through this integration, you can directly/easily sell Moodle LMS courses via WooCommerce itself. I personally love their shortcodes and templates integration feature.

Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Integration

Single sign on: This extension is also recommended since it’ll be completely beneficial to your users. Thanks to Single sign on, your users/members can use a single username and password for accessing both WordPress and Moodle simultaneously. This makes the login/logout process easy.

Selective synchronization: With this you can selectively synchronize the Moodle courses you need for your WordPress blog. Keep the ones you like and avoid the ones you don’t like. It makes the selection process much easier.

Bulk Purchase (Upcoming): With this handy extension you can buy more than one Moodle course at once, you can grab them in a single purchase itself. You can also have this course enrolled to others by adding their details in the checkout. You can get notified when this extension launches.

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase

Edwiser = WordPress + Moodle

This is so far the best plugin out there to do this integration successfully and quickly. Edwiser Bridge acts as a ‘bridge’ between WordPress and Moodle. Apart from importing the courses, you also have the option to sell them and get paid via PayPal. Thanks to WooCommerce Integration, you can get access to multiple payment gateways as well.

Nevertheless, this is a free plugin and the best one out there, so go ahead and give it a try. Do let us know your views in the comments below or if you have any issues with the integration feel free to share your queries.

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