Do You Need An Expensive Camera To Run A Blog?

If you’re new to blogging, you may think you need expensive equipment to run a great blog. However, many bloggers are still trying to figure out if this really is a requirement. 

Do You Need An Expensive Camera To Run A Blog

Although you don’t need an expensive camera, you do need one that provides good quality pictures. This is very much the case if you’re writing about various aspects of your life, and not so much about tech or movie reviews.

The common consensus is that expensive cameras provide the best quality pictures. This isn’t true as some of the cheapest cameras on the market offer equally great quality as well. Mirrorless cameras are the future as they’re compact and take fantastic photos. You can read more about them here.

Let’s dive into the many reasons why getting a good camera is important. 

You Seem Professional 

When you run a blog, people want to read about your thoughts on various topics. They expect your expert opinion and although your writing could help others, how you present yourself will heavily contribute to this too.

One of the ways you can present yourself professionally is by designing a clean, professional website. A key component of this is by providing high-quality pictures of your documentations.

If you record everything with a 2MP camera, your audience is going to think you’re a novice. This would be a shame if you’re an expert on the subjects you write about. 

How professional you seem also helps with your interactions with other businesses and websites. It’s important that you get other blogs to link back to you. Unfortunately, the best sites only offer external links to sites that look professional. So if you have blurry, pixelated pictures, they might not consider you.

Better Documentation 

Not only do quality cameras beef up your expertise, but it also makes your viewers learn more about the subject through images. 

You may be running a food review blog. The blog may review local restaurants and although your description of their food is very vivid, your audience would need great pictures and videos as well. 

As you can imagine, the quality of the pictures matter a lot in this context as if they’re not clear, the readers may not be able to experience what you did. 

You may have taken bad quality images, so the food looks nothing like how you’ve described it. As it seems like the description doesn’t match your image, your readers will start to think you’re biased.  For the sake of this, let’s look at an example where such a scenario could take place. You may take a picture of steak, showing that it’s raw, but unfortunately, the camera may not translate the redness of the image, making it look like it’s cooked. 

You Can Write About Many Things

Some subjects require pictures if you want to talk about them. These topics could be hot and many of your rivals are writing about them.

For example, an aurora might have been seen in your town for the first time in decades. The thing is that if you write about it, your words are nothing without a great picture. You could search for some online, but finding one that’s not copyrighted will be very hard. 

And since your site gives your expert opinion, your audience would expect an original picture. That’s why you’ll have to ditch the topic since there’s no way you can cover it. Isn’t that disappointing? 

Your Site Looks Better 

As a blogger, you want your site to look its best. After all, it’s an extension of you. To make it look good, you need to follow a certain aesthetic. 

The aesthetic you choose depends on your tastes, but it should be consistent throughout. 

Pictures taken from a quality camera would add to this aesthetic as it makes the site look clean and well put together. Such a cohesive look would encourage people to keep reading. Even if they’re not a fan of your writing, if your site looks very appealing, they may go through your content just because it looks attractive. 

Increases Site Traffic

While on the topic of making your blog look its best, such efforts can make people talk about your blog as well.

Word of mouth is important when it comes to blogs as you may find it hard to get new readers. As you need as much traffic as possible (otherwise you’re not making money) the aesthetic appeal of your blog along with its well-written articles would cause people to talk about you.

Over time, this could increase your following astronomically. 

Fun Fact – You Already Have An Expensive Camera 

You do have a camera with you. You don’t need to hit the store to get a good quality camera, and especially not a very expensive one. 

Remember that your phone comes with a superb camera. That’s why you’ll see a lot of bloggers and vloggers investing in a good quality phone as not only is it a great handheld device, but it’ll allow you to take superior pictures too.

This is an easy solution to get great pictures, but if you insist on getting a camera for work, the internet is your friend. With a click or two, you’ll be able to find many cameras for your budget, such as on sites like where you can get a list of the DSLRs that are suitable for you.

If you’re adamant about saving money, don’t fear as sales always come around. The sales can get you up to 70% off the cameras, so even the high-end models can be got for a reasonable rate. This is especially the case with sales like Black Friday or clearance sales when the holidays are over. Although it’s great, this requires that you be patient and wait. So the question is, can you? 


With that being said, it’s easy to see that you don’t need an expensive camera to run a successful blog. Many people think they need an expensive camera as it provides the best quality pictures. At the end of the day, cameras that are on the cheaper side can provide images that are equally as vivid. 

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