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Digital Flipbooks Are The Future Of Digital Publishing

Until now, organizations, digital publishers, and Internet marketers have had to rely on PDFs to provide valuable content and convey their message to current and potential clients. Distributing PDFs, however, can be an annoying nuisance. Slow internet connections may not allow users to download them from their mobile devices, the files may be too big to open, and other similar obstacles may affect the visibility of your offers and cut into your bottom line. Fortunately, these common pitfalls of PDF distribution are becoming a thing of the past as digital flipbooks now provide the perfect platform for reaching your clients.

What are Digital Flipbooks?

Digital Flipbooks


Digital flipbooks, commonly called online magazines, are hybrid publishing platforms that have the look and feel of magazines, allowing them to captivate users in a unique and highly effective way. In fact, hugely popular and successful publications like Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, and Newsweek are using digital flipbooks to release their magazines online without having to make any layout and design changes. Not quite e-books and certainly not blogs or websites, digital flipbooks are efficient, fast, and easy to use. Best of all, they’re highly responsive and can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, and desktops, making them the ultimate publishing platform for today’s smart publishers, businesses, organizations, and marketers.

Why Everyone Should Use Digital Flipbooks

It doesn’t take in-depth studies or hours of market research to know that people are becoming increasingly tired of dealing with PDFs and bored with simple page flipping effects. Nowadays, people expect to be digitally tempted with truly realistic and functional flipbooks that generate real user engagement. From the publisher’s standpoint, digital flipbooks are drag-and-drop simple and incredibly easy to use. Plus, they’re loaded with awesome features, such as smart uploading for lightning-quick reader access, automatic PDF table of contents and link extraction, the ability to embed videos and pop-up images, full tracking, and more.

Benefits of Digital Flipbooks

As you can see, digital flipbooks provide a wealth of benefits for both publishers and readers alike. Here’s a look at a few more reasons why these cutting-edge digital publishing platforms are quickly becoming the wave of the future:

  • Pages Come to Life – While they can be designed to exactly resemble a printed magazine or book, digital flipbooks are much more interactive. In fact, they can be embedded with links, videos, and any type of media typically found on blogs and websites. You can easily impress and entice readers by incorporating interactive images, pop-up images, shopping catalogues, and more.
  • Embedding – You can embed a digital flipbook on any website or blog, where they are fully functional/readable. The reader doesn’t have to install or download anything. There is no easier and more elegant way to embed PDF files on a website.
  • Stunning Formatting – Despite the dynamic nature of the Web, even the most beautifully designed webpages lack the elegance of publications skillfully created by professional graphic designers and type-setters. Able to beautifully mimic off-line magazines and publications, digital flipbooks provide a familiar feel that readers can’t help but be drawn to. Most digital flipbook publishing software comes equipped with powerful customization tools, allowing for the creation of custom colors and backgrounds, insertion of logos, and a number of other customization options to distinguish your brand.
  • Designed with Mobile in Mind – It’s no secret that we’re pretty much inseparable from our smartphones and tablets these days. Magazines, newspapers, books, and every other type of physical publication are simply losing their audiences to today’s increasingly powerful mobile devices. Fortunately, most digital flipbooks work flawlessly on these devices.
  • Endless Tracking Statistics – Most quality flipbook services provide tracking features designed to help publishers learn more about their audiences and increase their bottom line. With the ability to know your reader demographics, the pages they interact with, the links they click, and much more, you can learn all you need to know about your visitors and customers, including their viewing habits.
  • Ability to Share – Digital flipbooks can be shared in a myriad of ways. From forwarding to friends and colleagues via email to shares on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and other social media channels, the viral ability of digital flipbooks is unparalleled in the digital publishing space.

The Future Of Digital Publishing

As technology continues to evolve and cross-platform digital publishing services become increasingly powerful and feature-packed, digital flipbooks will undoubtedly proliferate across the Web. We’re already seeing their use by some of today’s top magazine publishers. As more and more savvy marketers and business owners begin understanding the incredible results digital flipbooks can bring, it’s only a matter of time until these cutting-edge digital publishing platforms become the norm. As is the case with anything, it’s better to get in on the ground floor. So, rather than wait and let opportunity slip by, launch a digital flipbook publication today and learn how to fully exploit the power of these amazing publishing tools!

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    Therefore, the emerging of a digital flipbook will indeed be a welcome development.

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