The Complete Guide to Driving 10,000 Visitors to Your New Blog

Complete Guide To Driving 10,000 Visitors To Your New Blog

You can drive visitors to your new blog through solid marketing and great networking. If you don’t have or have a little knowledge of online marketing, you can still get on and do a lot. This will help you an expert marketer as well.

In the midst of goal, you need to understand what challenges would stop you from reaching your destination.

This is a complete guide where you’ll find challenges and their solutions to bring 10,000 visitors.

  1. Write Long, Detailed Posts

If you’ve gone through a popular blog where traffic is immense, the first thing you’ve noticed the length of the blog post.

Yes…the length of the blog posts and they comprise around 2500-3000 words. So, here to bring good traffic to your blog is to write a long, thorough post explaining your topic in detail.

Now, if you’re just using texts to make the post length a 3000-word article, which would become mind-numbing to the readers. So include several sub-headlines and the add texts as well as videos or images explaining the significance of your words.

A famous blogger says you write how-to or 7 ways kinds of posts with proof and conveying authority to make sure blog post popularity.

Now, you can’t write such a long post without proper research about your subject. Visit different sites using your prominent keywords and read their content and understand their pattern and highlights of the writing. What kind of links and fonts have been used in their posts are important to be noticed.

Now, when you’ve curated a long post with great visuals, now it’s time to focus on readability.

Readability Statistics

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Yes, readability is something that starters ignore to include, but it’s quite effective in engaging the readers on the blog. Keep the font size 16px as that is what are browsers are made for. This is the font size on a webpage equal to the way the text appears in an average paper book.

Keep the line height to 24px to make sure there is enough white space. Using Georgia or Verdana would be a good choice as its beautiful and customized for the computer screen.

Now, when it comes to create a paragraph, keep it minimal & up to 4-5 lines and that is max. Start every paragraph emphasizing or encouraging your readers. Remember your blogs should have solutions to the problems of your audience as they read blogs mostly for that concern.

  1. Distribute Your Content

Now, your first part of the job is complete as you have prepared a good enough blog with all sorts of research. Now, it’s time to distribute it at prominent platforms.

Again, when you’re going to distribution, take an attentive round of all popular platforms or resources you would be using.

Two key Methods of Content Distribution-

#1 Social sharing

Have you gone through Zarella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness? If not, you should. It disparages the social sharing of content and dismisses a number of myths with real data.

The hierarchy of contagiousness is this-

•    A person must be exposed to your content to ever have a chance of spreading it. This means they have to be following you on Twitter, fans of your page on Facebook, on your email list, etc.

•    The person must become aware of your specific piece of content before they can spread it. They have to read your Tweet or open your email.

•    That person must be motivated by something (generally in the content itself) to want to share it with their contacts.

Zarella’s Hierarchy Of Contagiousness

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As this is a concrete method of distribution, you too can adopt as your blog is completely new and you want huge traffic on your blog.

Now, what should you do?

You, of course, have made social media icons on your blog and that indicates you’re truly going to promote on these platforms.

OK…that’s fine.

If you want huge traffic i.e. 10,000 visitors on your new blog, move to other channels as well. There are popular social platforms other than Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook. Use RedditQuoraStumbleUpon, and Hacker News to distribute your content. You just publish the links over there and rest of the job will do your articles.  

You’ll see different kind of audiences is coming over to your blog. Some of them are direct and many of them are indirect like influencers and industry experts who can further promote your content into their networks.

#2 Grow Your Network

If you’re coming with a blog, you would definitely have prior experience of content writing, marketing or handling such aspects.

Since you have knowledge of blogging, again you may have a big network. If you have a big network, make it bigger and if you don’t have, then go for growing.

So, how can you grow your network?

Attend Conference & Webinars– Attending conference regarding your concerned topic would be a great achievement as you would people from different industries. Meet them in person, and make companionship with them. Similarly, join webinars and as you can do it online, you will meet various technical people who can help you.

Make Comments– When you read a post, try to make comments. Your comments may lead you to connect with the writer of that post. Your genuine comments can open a door for future communication and you can use the referral for promoting your blog.

Engage in group Chats– If you see a hot discussion of your concern, try to jump into it. But, remember you need to make logical comments so that you prove yourself worthy to the concern. This may also happen few of chat people may ask you for favor seeing your valuable points. This way you can develop a professional relationship with them.

Guest Post– Guest posting is also a good way to communicate with top blog. Publish your posts on top-notch sites and try to bring their traffic on your blog.

Guest Blogging Mashable

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These tips would work for you in bringing 10,000 visitors to your blog in no time. Bringing such huge traffic may take time, may a month or two or three, so be patient and keep following your plans.


Starting a blog is always a great take as you try to establish yourself as an entrepreneur.

But, you would definitely get lots of challenges like “bringing traffic to your new blog” in the way.

These aforementioned tips will help you tackle those challenges.

Hope you win by a great margin!!!

Poonam Sharma is a Sr. Content Writer at Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM), offers best digital marketing courses in India. She is currently focused on creating great content for DSIM blog. She is also an expert in content marketing, social media marketing and SEO. You can find Poonam on LinkedIn

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