College Students – Is Twitter Hurting Your Grades?

Being a Social Media addict is a big problem to your college life, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to the ‘Grade’ and ‘Exams’ part. You get low marks, they blame your Social Media addiction as the main reason for that and Twitter is surely on that list.

For many Twitter seems to be a distraction, but a recent study found that it is apparent that Twitter can actually encourage engagement within the classroom. Almost 94% of the first year college students use Social Networking Sites. Check this awesome infographic developed by Master Degree Online.

Twitter and College Grades

Do tell us what you think about this case study? Does Twitter really bother you grades?

2 thoughts on “College Students – Is Twitter Hurting Your Grades?”

  1. I am a lot addicted to facebook. but when coming to twitter i just tweet the posts which i write. apart from that i am not much addicted to it. thank god i am not 😀

  2. I agree with it. Initially, I'm addicted to the social media part like face book and twitter and it would be a problem while getting low mark. Because, this is one of the easy way to chat with all over the globe within a second, so mostly student would be addicted-it's my point of view. But till today, i can't get a solution why social media addicted people won't get high mark?


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