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Chew Tobacco: All You Should Know


To some, spit and smokeless tobacco is a good alternative to tobacco. To them, these types of tobacco products are better than smoking tobacco. However, what they don’t realize is that these products contain nicotine, which is highly harmful to your health. Among other things, nicotine can increase blood pressure, lead to blood vessel blocking, and cause cancer.  Still more, these types of tobacco are associated with a myriad of nasty side effects, including bad breath, tooth decay, etc. That’s why you need to quit tobacco altogether. This information will reveal the facts about chewing tobacco.

Oral Tobacco Products

There are common types of tobacco oral products. Common ones include:


Chew tobacco is the most common type of tobacco. Here, tobacco has loose leaves, twists, and a roller. Consumers usually lace the pieces between their cheeks and gums. After a few seconds, they spit the juice from tobacco. This type of tobacco is also known as spit, dip, and spit-based tobacco.


Snus tobacco, which mostly comes with flavored spices and fruits, is moist snuff. Usually, it comes in prepackaged bags. These bags resemble tea bags. The snus tobacco is placed and tightly helps between your gun and the lower lip. However, you should swallow the juice to feel the effects.


Snuff is a type of tobacco that’s is finely ground. In most cases, snuff comes flavored. It’s also important to note that dry snuff resembles a powder. This powder is usually inhaled or even sniffed via the nose. On the other hand, moist snuff resembles a gum-like substance. It’s commonly sold in pounces. You can place it in the space between your cheek and lips.


The following are key facts worthy of knowing:


To others, chew tobacco is better than smoking. However, that’s not the case. Chew also poses a myriad of health risks. Evn CBD is also trending now-a-days.


You cannot argue that chew is a safer substitute when compared to cigarettes. It also poses health risks in your life.

Nicotine levels

If you chew or dip, the amount of nicotine injected into our system is the same as those who smoke. So, there is nothing good with dipping or chewing tobacco.


Chewing and dipping tobacco can cause cancer. Thus, the best thing to do is to keep off tobacco completely. It can ruin your life. The earlier you do it the better for you. Alternatively, try tobacco-free products from Black Buffalo

Harmful Chemicals

Chewing and dipping tobacco products come with very harmful chemicals that can complicate your health. As stated, it’s better to keep off tobacco-related products if you want a good life.


Dipping and chewing tobacco involve swallowing the juices. This means that users are prone to cancers as well as mouth diseases. In most cases, pancreatic and esophagus cancers are common among tobacco users. So, it’s advisable to keep off dipping, chewing, and even smoking tobacco.

Nicotine Poisoning

You can experience nicotine poisoning after swallowing the chew

The Bottom-Line

The above are key facts about tobacco. They will help you understand the side effects of chewing tobacco. Thus, don’t chew tobacco blindly. Get the facts right. Understand the risks. Know how to minimize these risks.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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