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Can poker tell help you in Poker online?


If you think that poker is simply about having powerful cards than others then you are a half poker player. Any game is incomplete about the opponent and learning about them in poker is as crucial as having powerful hands. There is lots of information that you can gather while playing as the game is about the availability of information. There is no way that you will get to know about the hands of poker player until you lose the game. However, we always get clues during the game as poker online is an interactive game. The clues changes on the betting pattern, physical behavior of player and more that tells their strength or weakness. We call it “poker tells.”

Can Poker Tell Help You In Poker Online

Understanding the player’s tell is advantageous for players especially when the player is reliable and unconscious. However, your opponent may fake his tell forcing you to make bad decisions. It usually happens in poker online after all the game is about deception.

Poker tells have two forms- betting patterns and physical tells. The most dependable form is the betting pattern. A player can easily judge when to bet or check by learning the past and present betting pattern of an opponent. This is the main tells. On the other hand, physical tells are dramatic and full of fun to observe. However, you can observe this form in live poker.

Physical tells will be the main focus of our guide.

It is hard to spot accurate poker tells

Implementing poker tells is tough because it depends on the individual player. For instance, a player throwing chips and leaving the hands immediately can be a sign of a big hand. However, others may think it is a bluff. That’s why there is uncertainty to judge whether a poker tell is right or wrong. Some are contradictory while others are unreliable.

Careful observation skills will help you notice whether the tell is genuine or fake. Generally, reliable tells are the shortest and longer tells are just to confuse the players. When a player screws up his face and then bets, he is making a false tell. So, basically what we mean is that weakness is your strength here and vice versa. However, the player should correctly weigh tell at the moment.

Common poker tells

Since poker tells have no limit therefore here in our guide we will talk about only the general ones. Each tells have different reliability and guessing it correct is completely and art. Most of the time tells are strongest for one player while it is weakest for another. Therefore, deciding whether it is true or false completely relies on the observation skills of a poker online player.

Starting poker tells

Here are a few points that will help you observing tells at the beginning of the game.

  • Their buy-in method will give you much information. So, watch their method of buy-in. Are they buying a short rack or full rack?
  • A player is likely to play loud and flamboyant if he buys chips in the same way.
  • Conservative poker players usually have a conservative dressing approach.
  • A player with a Careless chips stack will play the game carelessly.
  • Watch their chip handling style. Do the players know about their action or are they just feeling around like an amateur?

How to identify a strong hand from poker tells?

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There are few tells understanding which you can get information about the strong hands of a player. Fluid speech, open eyes, relaxed lips and smile, shaking hands, rising blood pressure are some of them. Other indications are raising blood pressure, staring at the flop, nose flaring, impatience, rapid breathing and more.

Moreover, focus on the sitting style of player, cheek muscles, a pupil of eyes, weak actions and more. Not all these actions are reliable but most of them are. However, other experts focus on the opponent’s eyes whereas other focuses more on hands. Usually, controlling hands is not easy in case of trembling hand syndrome. This is a good sign and reliable poker tells.

How to identify a weak hand using poker tells?

Holding breath, unnatural speech, staring the player, checking hole cards, lips tense, biting lip, tongue in cheek and more. These are a few signs of weak hands. A player with a nail-biting, fake smile, eyeballs rolling, blinking, rubbing hands are also some indications. More are on the list but checking these few will make you easily spot these tells. So, next time when you join a live game must focus on these indications.

However, there are a few fundamental factors that successfully indicate tells. Let us know what they are.

Beginner poker tells

Beginners are easy players as they don’t fake tells. You don’t have to waste time reading their body language. It is because they don’t fake behavior and even if they do, you can still rely on it. They give the most accurate tells.

Analyzing the behavior of the opponent is very easy in live poker. Is it easy to check poker tells in poker online?

What about online poker tells?

You cannot apply tells in online games as an opponent is not visible. Both of you are playing virtually so these tells give you no benefit. However, betting patterns become handy here. Checking the betting pattern and timing will make you easily judge a weak opponent. For instance, if a player takes too much time before the call, then he has a weak hand. On the other hand, a fast call indicates a drawing hand.

However, analyzing the timing of a player is not always a reliable option. Why? Just like you other serious players also read books and watch TV. These activities just add up to their playing time which doesn’t impact much on the playing style. So, the only way is practice, practice, and practice. Yes, practice is the key especially in poker online.

It is not easy that by learning a few betting patterns you become master in poker tell. With practice, you will be able to understand the set pattern of a player. Also, once you have complete knowledge of reading cards, you can shift the focus to people. Reading people’s minds is tough but not impossible. Moreover, you cannot be successful in ready everyone because some are masters in bluffing. Also, there is the best time when you should read the opponent; it’s during your hands.

Don’t set false poker tells

If the above indication of tells is true for opponent then it is true for you as well. So, watch yourself and examine whether you do the same thing or not. You can learn to hide your actions that tell others about your weaknesses. So, the first thing is to notice who is observing you and then try to avoid making the above-said mistakes.

So, this was all about poker tells.

Betting patterns for poker online

Since the betting pattern is the only way to read poker tells in online poker games so here are some common patterns.

Same size of the bet

A weak player doesn’t increase the bet size during the turn because they are afraid to bet. It happens when they have top pair or middle pair of hands and a weak kicker.


Check for the blocking bet. It is when a player bets all of a sudden on the turn after calls and checks. They do it because of a weak pair of hands.

Min bet

This is when a draw on board doesn’t hit in limped pots. Therefore, players bet for the minimum but they choose a bigger bet on missing the draw.

Pre-flop open limp

A player who is aggressive always raises. However, this happens least in situs online poker.

Continuation bets

An aggressive player does continuation betting and later checks. It shows that the player has a big hand, therefore, you must play with caution.

These were common betting patterns. However, always remember that poker online is a dynamic game. The patterns will keep on changing on high stakes. Therefore, a player must be able to adapt the betting pattern at high stakes. So, the key is to be a good observant. Learn the patterns more by playing more poker online games. This is the only way to master poker games.


Never ignore the importance of poker tells whether it is live or poker online game. The behavior and playing style of your opponent is full of information. A master player is one that knows how to use an opponent’s trick against him. However, mastering the game itself is not easy but with practice comes the skills. You will learn more about poker when you are serious about the game. It’s for fun but discipline and patience while playing will help you. 

After all, everyone wants to win here so focusing more on the game is more important. Moreover, there are ample sources available today that are handy to learn the game in deep. Learn strategies, tricks, betting style, how to avoid tilt, poker tells and more from the expert players. Also, poker forums, chat rooms, and poker schools are the right platforms to improve your skills and knowledge on poker online.


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