The Best Table Goodies For Business Conferences

It can be hard to get noticed in business conferences. After all, there are countless booths filled with representatives from companies just like yours trying to steal your potential clients for themselves.

Best Table Goodies For Business Conferences

Every company is working its hardest to stand out, and the competition is fierce. However, there is one old standby to getting your business’s name out there that always works: free stuff.
Promotional items are usually cheap, easy, and effective means at spreading your name and message among future clients. In recent years, the number of items you can personalize has exploded, meaning there are more options than ever for what you can put on your table.

Best Table Goodies

USB Drives

Even though it seems like everyone has dozens of them, people can always use a new flash drive. USB drives are small enough to fit in your potential clients’ pockets as they pass by your booth, but they have plenty of space to display a company name, logo, and even contact information. Thumb drives aren’t too expensive if you spring for the smaller memory options, and you are almost guaranteed to get plenty of foot traffic from all the eager conference-goers who have heard of your table’s useful swag.

Car Stickers

You can also provide merchandise for current customers and clients to show their love of your brand. Car stickers are an excellent product for this. People love to decorate their cars, and you’ll love the extra exposure your stickers give your company. Plus, As much as many are loath to admit it, adults are as attracted to stickers as children. Printing custom business stickers specifically for cars allows your adult conference-goers to indulge in their sticker love without worrying about where they can place their sticker.

Notepads and Pens

Conferences are usually pretty booked with hundreds of must-see seminars, and many conference-goers are going to forget to come prepared to take notes. Luckily, they can find your booth and stock up on necessarily supplies so they can get the most out of their conference experience.

Notepads come in all sorts of sizes and styles, but generally the smaller your notepads, the more likely they’ll be picked up. The front cover offers a wealth of space to print your company logo, name, contact information, and even purpose or mission statement, so your services can always be at the front of your audience’s mind.

Pens are the standard promotional item — and it’s clear why. No matter how digital our modern world gets, nobody seems to have enough pens. You can easily print hundreds of thousands of cheap Bics that will be left all over the conference by its end, or you can spring for more expensive models your potential clients’ will hold onto as their new favorite pens.

City-Specific Items

People from all over attend business conferences, but people from all over aren’t necessarily used to the climate conditions of the city they’re visiting. You can help them cope with the weather change by providing useful promotional items on your table. For example, if the conference takes place in rainy Seattle, you can hand out small umbrellas with your company logo; if the conference is in sunny Phoenix, you can provide sunglasses or sun screen with your company name. It’s likely that more than a few conference-goers will be using these items quite a bit, giving your business some exposure.

Company-Specific Items

Sometimes, your promotional swag is most memorable when it relates to the services of your company. If you’re a makeup company, for example, there is no reason for you to hand out bottle openers. Instead, try to brainstorm promotional items that your target customer could actually use in relation to your product or service. That same makeup company would do well to hand out sponges or compacts printed with their company name. Fashion companies could send out clothing, like T-shirts or scarves, or maybe even a small sewing kit.

It is smart for your promotional items to be useful, but if you can make them useful and significant in your industry, you might be able to gain more real leads and make real conversions.
Business conferences are full of activity, and with the right goodies on your table, that activity should center around your company’s booth. Promotional swag can come in all shapes and sizes, from stickers to folders to expensive technology, but it’s important that you find the right gear that works for your company and your specific conference.

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