Best 5 SEO Backlink Analysis Tools – Website Backlink Analysis Tips

Experts have been trying hard to explain everyone why you must opt for the most professional and ethical SEO tools. Choosing anything over these could waste your time, efforts, and money. There are plentiful of these available online but, ask yourself, how many have actually satisfied you in the SEO rankings? Not many, isn’t it? Let’s look at the reasons why?

Best SEO Backlink Analysis Tools – Website Backlink Analysis Tips

People have identified the reasons and importance of why one must opt for an SEO analysis tool however; not many are aware where to reach where business can flourish without any fear or risks. Competition and demand have made many tools enter the market but, not all are up to the mark. So, how to choose which are the best and worth? We have a solution for this. 

It will save your life to know that we have researched well and mentioned the five best SEO analysis tools to help you get things sorted in SEO world for you. However, before you begin, it is important to know how certain strategies can help you create an impressive and appealing backlink profile:

Quick strategies to follow for an impressive backlink profile:

1. Create amazing quality content. The traffic automatically follows you if you have an impressive content that can raise any high-quality websites to collaborate with you.

2. Give preference to analyse your own backlinks and those of your competitors too to understand all the possible opportunities that can make your content and website unique.

3. Perhaps, writing a guest post would work just fine! Start posting guest posts to high-end websites and create quality backlink opportunities for your own website. That way, you will attract more than 90% of links directed to your website!

Now, let’s take a look at the Best Five SEO Backlink Analysis Tools:

1. Moz Link Explorer:

This explorer has by far been rated on the top for various reasons by top marketing professionals. 


  • Easy to find domains that match your website so that you can link.
  • Give opportunity guidelines by giving comparison analysis reports of competitors.

2. SEMrush:

The SEMrush all in one marketing SEO tool that will help you create and deliver an effective content marketing business strategy. 


  • Analytics reports give deeper insights of competitors’ SEO strategies.
  • Helps you show all the possible types of backlinks that you have try.
  • Allows you to track GEO-location of your company’s backlinks.

3. Ahrefs:

Helps you to grow more traffic on your website and do deeper research of competitors.


  • Compare and learn why your rivals are ranking on the top.
  • Gives tips and suggestions to outrank your competitors.
  • Search for all possible keywords and backlink opportunities.
  • Allows web monitoring.

4. Majestic:

Majestic offers you large databases to analyse and learn. The historic index gets refreshed on a monthly basis to give you more accurate data.


  • Comes with varied features that will help in improving your backlink profile and SEO.
  • This search engine is useful for entrepreneurs, media analysts, SEO pros, and many similar professionals.

5. SEO SpyGlass:

SEO SpyGlass helps you to perform regular clean-up, competitive analysis and deeper backlink research.


  • Guards you with advanced safety features.
  • Can be performed on multiple platforms.
  • Gives clear and accurate backlink reports.

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