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Best Portable Smoker Equipment to Take out with You


Not everyone has the room to travel with a bag to carry their smoking equipment. While looking for vape pens, you must have found the predicament of moving bulkier smoking equipments from one place to another difficult. This is true especially during your vacations when a smooth smoking experience is a must! Therefore, it is necessary that you equip yourself with portable smoking equipment –– something that can fit your pockets with ease.

Here we present some high-quality smoking equipment that can be of great use due to its ease-of-use and flexibility recommended by SmokeSmith Gear, an online headshop.

Best Portable Quipment To Take Out With You

Premium Vaporizer Kit

Do you have limited budget? Do you want a vape pen under $100 without compromising on quality? Some people attempt to buy cheaper vape pens to save costs, but are hardly ever satisfied with the build and output quality of the product, , so it is always best to look for advice from brands like Ignite CBD review whose most popular products are disposable vape pens.

Spending a greater amount of money and getting a high quality product in return is easier. But the actual challenge is to purchase a high quality product at an affordable price. For this purpose, we went through several pens and finally find our desired answer in the form of the Premium Vaporizer Kit. The case is similar for high quality CBD product.

The pen boasts of the Bottom Vertical Coil atomizer technology. What this distinct technology accomplishes is that it elongates the life of the equipment as well as ensures that the smoking experience does not degrade after a certain period of time. The pen contains 4 ports through which smokers can use to control their smoking by setting the warmth level, draw, and the vapour quantity to be produced.

DaVinci IQ

DaVinci IQ may be a bit pricey in comparison to other vape pens, but it provides excellent value for money and has fast become a best selling product. The brand has rightfully taken the name of the legendary Italian artist by the incorporating the pen with a slew of premium quality features.

So why has the pen got so much recognition in the market? The pen consists of a Flavor Chamber that boasts ceramic zirconia vapour path. This unique chamber is devised in such a way that the effects of a flavour are felt purely and strongly. You can try comparing it with other pens and we guarantee that you are never going to go drop this one after taking a single smoke.

More than 50 lights cover the pen’s LED interface which denotes precision, temperature, and statuses for standby mode. The DaVinci IQ is not your regular pen and can be considered a smart pen due to its functionality of automatically sensing and adjusting different temperatures. Furthermore, following the latest conventions, the device offers support for apps. Lastly, with a manufacturing warranty of a decade, the device truly positions itself amongst the best portable vape pens that can last a generation of smoking. Surely, after getting acquainted with so many features in single equipment, the pen might not be looking as pricey as it was before.

Pulsar’s APX

Pulsar’s APX is a multi-functional pen. The pen may have been initially designed for smoking dry herbs but it consists of a stainless steel container for carrying concentrates and wax. The vape’s target audience can be defined as users who prefer privacy for their smoking habits and hence the pen’s dimensions have been set to fit all pockets –– even those pants with shorter pockets. The pen does not wane on the specs side either: 1.5 charge time period, 40 second, 5 graduate levels for heat (356°-428°F), and a micro USB charging, positions the pen as a terrific option for its versatility.

Pax 3 Complete Kit

The Pax 3 Complete Kit was restructured in 2017 and received rave reviews for quality output through its innovative and smart design. Likewise its heat up time –– only 15 seconds –– was hailed as another valuable feature. The pen can improve the smoking experience with the use of both dry herbs as well as concentrates.

What’s more is that the materials used for the building of the pen have been identified as the anodized aluminium of medical grade quality. Since its redesign, the pen has entered the market with 4 different colours: black, rose gold, silver, and teal.


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