Benefits of a VPN for your business and personal needs

Commercial and personal networking environments alike face online threats. The private, single-user networks used for day-to-day web-surfing are indeed less secure than organizational networks. Their digital assets, however, aren’t perceived as having the same value as commercial systems. Conducting digital activities in any capacity carries a certain degree of risk—but, fortunately, risks can be mitigated.

Benefits Of A VPN For Your Business And Personal Needs

A Great Need for Cybersecurity Defense

Vulnerabilities to a networking environment can compromise one’s financial situation, but these vulnerabilities are often grounded in the visibility of a network’s operational details. By and large, corporations find themselves raising their investment in cybersecurity tools constantly—to keep their teams as vigilant as possible. Cybercrime is the second-most reported illegal economic activity—impacting approximately 32 percent of these businesses.

Accessible Utilities Impenetrable Protection

The most powerful of these tools is a virtual private network—also called a VPN. These platforms, when active, make the user completely anonymous when operating within a network. They create digital tunnels that connect a user’s current network to another location. In doing so, VPNs ‘mask’ the online data streams inherently at risk from connecting to the online world.

Let’s explore the VPN’s security—both for businesses and everyday Internet users. Again: Both parties encounter the same risks—which makes even the solo-operating business professional’s daily security measures important.

Benefit One: Incredible Affordability

VPN technology has evolved tremendously in recent years, becoming one of the most trusted network security tools of individuals and businesses. Even better: You can try it for free. The modern VPN’s effectiveness has become so ironclad that it’s become a necessity for many. This indicates that the incredibly affordable price-point doesn’t suggest low quality, as widespread demand and adoption have granted VPN providers the rapid growth needed to protect as many people as possible.

Benefit Two: No Training Required

Many cyberthreats are successful due to victims’ lack of good cybersecurity habits. Our modern tools have made online protection much easier to secure—and even understanding the basic functions of these tools can instantly enhance one’s defense online.

If you regularly conduct business online—either by taking your daily work home, creating your own business, or getting involved in remote jobs—a VPN will quickly become your best friend. Its most powerful security services aren’t only incredibly easy to use—but also self-operating entirely. A VPN keeps you covered as a seamless background process on your device, making it an invaluable security tool to have.

Benefit Three: Public Wi-Fi Protection

Even if you tend to conduct most of your digital work at home or in the office, you’ll still encounter the threats of public Wi-Fi. Sometimes, on-the-go working is inevitable—making libraries, coffee shops, and other communal, public areas important. Many of these locations host Wi-Fi hotspots to support as many users as possible. Unfortunately, many threats dwell in these open Internet zones. Wi-Fi sniffing software, for example, can install itself on tablets, laptops, and even smartphones via public data streams.

These scripts can detect, capture, and abscond with a user’s unencrypted data if the user isn’t well-protected. In some cases, cybercriminals have even created fake business public Wi-Fi hotspots—recording every passing user to parse valuable information.

A VPN doesn’t only mask a user’s location: It encrypts their online actions. All data processed and released through a VPN user’s online activities are instantly rendered unreadable, un-sniffable, and ultimately impervious to the identification. Because VPNs are incredibly process-light, they can work their magic as a simple background process on your device.

Benefit Four: Affordable Endpoint Protection

As mentioned above, a VPN is incredibly cost-efficient. A quality VPN can cost as little as two dollars per month, which is a tiny sum to pay for one of the best security utilities. Try it for free to check out its most excellent benefits—and to further explore its incredible depth as a cutting edge cybersecurity tool.

For startup owners, SMB operators, and entrepreneurs, this cost efficiency can’t be passed: A VPN is often cited as the best investment an SMB can make—as it covers every base of endpoint security. Endpoint security itself, or the protection of vulnerable devices connected to business networks, otherwise carries a high price tag.

Benefit Five: Web Hosting Service Defense

Endpoint security often takes form in the protection of web hosting services. Online work meetings, remote work-zones, and remote training are common—and business-related communications are guaranteed for modern workers in general.

Most VPNs offer military-grade levels of data transmit protection. This is vital for web hosting services: Day-to-day online activities, frequently employing these services, often involve authentication requirements, secure access apps, and access to sensitive information.

Staying Safe On-the-Go

Today’s workers are always on the move: Their career-based online activities often overlap with personal browsing. Staying digitally protected might seem like a time-consuming endeavor, but we now have access to innovative program designs that form fit to a user’s exact security needs. Even in large business networks, every user’s connected activities are covered by flexible cybersecurity designs.

On the personal-user front, this type of defense can prevent devastating cyberattacks: Approximately 40 percent of Millennials encountered cybercrime threats last year, facing malicious phishing attempts, ransomware, credit card fraud, and more. Victims cumulatively lost over $126 billion as a result—both indirect funds and prolonged attacks resulting from sundered digital defenses.

Fortunately, today’s mobile VPNs offer seamless integration, guaranteeing impenetrable digital security in air-light form. Wherever you go, your VPN provider will also assure ultimate privacy via a struct, no-logs policy. Your information stays in your hands and in your hands alone—which is precisely how it should be.

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