HOW TO: Create Google+ Badge For Your Blog

Social media sites are great way to get direct updates from websites. Like Facebook pages, Google+ recently opened its ways for businesses and website owners to create pages for their websites so that users can add pages to their circles and get instant updates on their profile pages.

In order to add a Google+ badge to your blog or website, you first need to create a Google+ page for your blog or website. If you haven’t yet created a page then you can create it using this link.

Create a Google+ Badge

Follow the following steps to create a Google+ badge for your website.

  • Sign in to your Google+ profile and open this link in your browser.
  • Now copy the profile URL of your Google+ page and paste it in the given text field. Look at the following screenshot for reference.
  • Now choose style for your badge. You can choose from 5 available styles – Standard badge, Small badge, Small icon, Medium icon or Large icon.
  • Once you have selected the style, copy the code from end of the page and paste it in your site. There are two parts of the code. One part has to be pasted in head section and one part where you want the badge to appear.

That’s all to add a Google+ badge to your site. If you face any problems in this tutorial, you can leave your comments here.

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5 Best Shooter Games For Android

Who haven’t played shooter games like Duck Hunter and Contra in the childhood. If you still love to play such games then here are some shooter games for your Android Smartphone.

We all know how stylish it is to have fun with our guns while playing video games, especially taking it from our holster. You can check the Best Small of Back Holster Reviews by Bobergarms for checking the types.

1. Gun Bros

Bun Bros

Gun Bros is one of best shooter games on Android market. This game provides you a large number of weapons. In this game you need to kill bad guys and as you progress through the game you get more money for killing more bad buys. You can use that money to buy more advanced weapons for you.

[Download Gun Bros]

2. Big Time Gangsta

Big Time Gangsta

The streets of Mission Hill are as deadly as it gets. In this game you need to build your own gang from the bunch of street soldiers. To survive and thrive in these dangerous neighborhoods you need to take out rival gangs before they get to you first. Hustling and dealing, shooting and stealing is the only way to take these streets, earn cold hard cash and own the city.

[Download Big Time Gangsta]

3. Air Attack HD Lite

Air Attack HD

Air Attack is a award winning next-gen top down air combat shooter game with stunning 3D graphics. The objective of this game is to destroy your enemies and survive through the game. In this game you get 3 great missions, 24 different enemy types, 2 unique planes, 3 difficulty modes and much more.

[Download Air Attack HD Lite]

4. Duck Hunter

Duck Hunter

Duck Hunter is an excellent fun game. The objective of this game is to shoot the flying birds that are escaping from the dark forest by tapping on them. Each escaped bird will cost you a life.

[Download Duck Hunter]

5. Sniper

In this game you have got a team and you are the best anti-terrorist unit in US. A group of terrorists has broken into railway station, even taken some innocent passengers as their hostages. You need to clear all the terrorists as this mission.

Sniper Game

[Download Sniper]

This article is written by Simrandeep Singh. He writes reviews about useful and best Android Apps at his blog Explore Android Apps.