Best VPN of 2021: iTop VPN Review

No one can deny the benefits of using a VPN when you have to hide your IP address. It saves you from being hacked and keeps your personal information safe. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it helps to keep your privacy safe.

No unauthorized person can check your IP address and harm you in any way. While using many private websites, you need them. If you want to use Netflix without showing your device, then you can use a VPN, but not all VPN allows you to hide your IP address at specific sites.

But there are so many VPNs available out there, and which one to choose? How will you know which VPN is the best suitable for you? We have the answers to all of your questions as we know what you require and the features of a good VPN.

So, we bring forth an iTop VPN that is secure and has a free version available for you. It is fast with perfect speed and memory so you can easily use it anytime. Let’s get started with the features of this VPN.


Great Speed and Unbounded Bandwidth:

iTop VPN has the outstanding feature of unbounded bandwidth and great speed. Whenever you exceed the data limitations, there is no Fair Use Policy that decreases the speed.

Secure Data: 

iTop VPN has no logging policy that means your data is secure all time as you don’t have to provide details of any sort like providing your ISP address. It doesn’t track your data, which is the safest VPN. 

Privacy Protection:

iTop VPN provides military-grade encryption, which protects your privacy and hides your location thoroughly. It averts your activities like browsing, online payment, etc., without revealing it to hackers and authorities.


iTop VPN provides access for users to all servers because they have servers in most localities. It boosts up and unlocks different geographically locked content. For example, if a Netflix US show isn’t available, then you can use an iTop VPN server USA-based server to access that show.   

Availability of Geo-Restricted Websites:

There are many gaming and other websites that are restricted to a specific region. By using a VPN, you can have access to all of them through iTop VPN. All the blocked services will be available to you within no time.           

Kill Switch:

The primary purpose of a kill switch is to block the traffic after the VPN is disconnected. Similarly, iTop VPN also acknowledges the disconnection of VPN and blocks the traffic. This way, your IP address is never exposed. This is why it acts like a circuit breaker and makes sure that your connection is safe and secure.    


  • High-speed performance
  • You can connect up to 5 devices
  • There is a kill switch available.
  • It has a no-log policy.
  • The encryption is high.


  • Free services have low data limits.

Final Verdict:

When you have a pool of VPN services iTop VPN offers you safe connection and fast service. It has a free VPN service available in the US. The cost of more servers is quite low as compared to other VPNs. 

Moreover, you can connect up to 5 devices without any restriction. We can use it on various multiple devices very easily. You can connect to 5 devices simultaneously. You will also get 24/7 support. Whenever you need any help or have an issue then you don’t need to wait for the problem but can contact our support right away.

So, you can use and install this VPN and as it has proven to be secure and has a good quality of service. Now you can browse to your favorite websites easily.

4 Reasons Why Car Hauling Business Owners Need Insurance

If you have or are trying to get into any business that requires or handles vehicles, chances are you know just how complex things can get. When vehicles get involved in a business, multiple new risk factors get introduced into a company’s day-to-day operations.

It can get even more confusing if you have a car carrier (or a few of them) — after all, car haulers are a huge investment for any business. Auto transport companies, auto body shops, repossession companies, and car dealerships are just some businesses that require car hauler insurance. However, the recommended insurance coverages may vary from business to business.

But as a car hauling business owner, why exactly do you need insurance?

It’s Required

Although state law requirements may vary, it’s a good idea to have car hauler insurance more often than not. Check your state’s regulations to see whether you need it and, and while you’re at it, check the minimum coverage requirements in your area. That said, it’s never a good idea to skip insurance unless you have the money to cover any losses that might unexpectedly occur.

Even if you do have the money to cover any potential losses, not having car hauler insurance may hinder a few aspects of your business. For example, even if your state has lax requirements, other states and federal agencies might not let you on the road if you don’t meet a certain coverage level.

You May Lose Business

If you’re an auto transport business, you might flat out lose some business opportunities if you don’t have car hauler insurance. 

For one, some direct clients may refuse to work with you at all if you cannot prove to their satisfaction that you have enough insurance coverage.

Another reason is that you may not even be able to bid on open jobs on auto transport platforms if you don’t meet minimum insurance requirements.

Protecting Your Investment

Getting started in auto hauling can cost big bucks. A hauling rig alone can cost you anywhere from $15,000 to $175,000. Some business owners may even see costs upwards of $200,000 just for their truck and trailer. And, most of the time, these costs are covered by loans and usually repaid over time.

Without auto hauler insurance, you could be out a huge amount of money if something unexpected happens.

Depending on your insurance company, car hauler insurance can cover general liability, comprehensive physical damage, property damage, cargo, bodily injury, uninsured motorist protection, and collision damage. Some policies can even include unattended vehicle coverage.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Auto hauler insurance doesn’t just protect your rig, it also protects your business. Here are just some of the things you may find insurance protecting you from:

  • Any repayment for damage or losses of cargo won’t come out of your pocket. This includes repair or replacement of cargo and may sometimes even cover the difference in diminished value of damaged/repaired vehicles.
  • Liability insurance protects you from the costs of lawsuits in case of litigation. 
  • Physical damage protection covers the costs of your rig’s repairs in the event of an accident.

Having insurance allows you to minimize your downtime, which means you can keep your business running and profitable as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

Car hauler insurance protects your business in many ways, but one of the best things you can get from it is peace of mind. Meeting certain levels of coverage reduces any limits your business may face and helps you stay on your feet if anything unexpected occurs. It’s best to speak with your insurance agent to see what additional coverages may benefit you best.

Art, Color, and Layout in Online Casino Design

It’s easy to see Swedish online casinos booming in 2021 —63% of the Swedish gambling market’s 2021 Q2 revenue was made up of online casino and sports betting operators’ revenues. But, this boom also means a lot more competition for both established and newly launched online casinos. Online casinos need to consider how their site’s art, design, and technology will encourage customers to choose them over the competition.

Even with the best games and casino utan svensk licens snabba uttag, intuitive design and stylistic coherence remain crucial elements for Swedish online casinos in converting new visitors into regular users. This is why an online casino’s look and feel needs to evolve naturally with the audiences and demographics it aims to appeal to.

Designing for Casino Brand Promotion

First, imagine an online casino offering a full selection of the most modern online gambling activities, with great bonuses and great payment options, but a confusing, headache-inducing mess of a website that looks like it was designed in 2004. Suppose you’re anything like most modern internet users. In that case, unless you already know about all the casino’s amazing benefits in advance — you’d have no reason to stick around on a website that has no respect for aesthetic sensibilities.

Just as in any industry, online casinos must differentiate themselves by their brand images. But, despite the broad range of potential brand images, here are a few fundamental design philosophies sure to serve any online casino well.

Simplifying Layouts

Before hiring any artists or graphic designers, the first thing an online casino needs to get right is the layout of its website. If visitors are having a hard time finding their way around your online casino at this early stage of development, adding a slew of bright colors and flashy graphics isn’t going to make things any easier.

Some good rules of thumb when designing the layout of your online casino are:

  1. Minimize clutter. Treat web content as an answer to a question; no one likes answers to questions they haven’t asked. Position information where users seeking it are likely to look. 
  2. Position the signup button prominently. Since most online casinos require players to create an account to start playing, it’s only natural that the signup button should be one of, if not the easiest, buttons to find in an online casino.
  3. Use white space to make navigation easier. A little bit of white space between website elements helps users navigate more easily by clearly distinguishing between different site elements.
  4. Design for mobile. There’s no guarantee which device online casino players will use, so online casinos need to operate equally well whether their users access their services via the desktop website, mobile website, or mobile app.

Incorporating Social Media

Social media is among the many recent tech innovations that have drastically improved player experience and engagement. It is a powerful and accessible means to market a product or service when adequately utilized. Since it’s only natural for us to want to make a big deal out of a big win, by allowing players to spread the word of their winnings straight to social media, online casinos can satisfy the social needs of their players while leveraging those same social needs to attract even more customers and grow their player base.

Stick to a Definite Color Scheme and Art Style

A large part of casino graphics design boils down to applications of color theory because colors impact our psychology. When designing an online casino, designers can’t just go with their top 3 favorite colors. To properly decide on a color scheme, factors such as whether or not there is existing branding to consider and the demographic makeup of the online casino’s target audience need to be taken into account.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Know Your Target Audience

Depending on the kind of gambling on offer, an online casino may primarily cater to men or women; it may appeal more to new money entrepreneurs, or it might be popular with old money traditionalists. The significance and application of each of the previously discussed online casino design philosophies will vary for each demographic.

Older users may be confused by minimalist design, whereas younger users may be overwhelmed if too much text is used. Social media integration may or may not be a benefit depending on whether your target demographic makes use of it. And, certain colors are less appealing to men than to women, and vice versa.


To survive in 2021, Swedish online casino websites need to attract and retain players in an increasingly saturated industry. To accomplish this, deliberate decisions regarding online casino website design need to be made based on target demographics to promote player comfort and accessibility, social media integration, and coherent branding throughout.

How Big Data and Predictive Analytics Can Help Forex Brokers

The foreign exchange, or forex, market is the most liquid market in the world, with a global value of $2.4 quadrillion in 2020. It facilitates the trading of currencies between various market participants, and while it is high risk, it can also bring high returns. 

How Big Data And Predictive Analytics Can Help Forex Brokers

Over the course of time, mass globalisation and technological advancements have led to an increase in the way that big data and premium analytics are used in the forex market, as traders look to gain that all-important trading edge.

What is Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics refers to the use of data, statistics and other machine-based modelling techniques that use current and historical data to identify and determine future market trends. It is a tool that can be used to predict events and outcomes from across different sectors, including in healthcare, marketing, as well as meteorological studies, such as the weather forecast.

In the liquid and fast-moving world of the financial markets, any form of technique which helps to predict future price movements can act as a highly useful tool, in terms of making better and more successful trading decisions.

When you become a stockbroker a key part of becoming a success in the markets is by best utilising the resources available to you at any given time. This is where predictive analytics comes into play, as it presents data patterns which can help give businesses and investors the opportunity to benefit from possible market movements or future events.

What is Big Data?

In simple terms, big data can be defined as a proliferation of data on a mass scale. It typically uses increasingly complex technology in order to collect, process and analyse both structured and unstructured data. There is generally no limit to its capacity, with data sets continuing to grow to truly enormous sizes.

For example, in 2018, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data were created on a daily basis. However, by 2025, it is estimated that there will be around 175 zettabytes of data in the global datasphere, which equates to roughly one trillion gigabytes. 

3 Key Advantages of Big Data and Predictive Analytics

The potential benefits associated with predictive analytics are yet to be fully realised within the financial sector. This is because the process is constantly evolving, with new and more advanced tools emerging all the time. 

When the question of how to become a stockbroker arises, often the matter of using statistics to analyse market trends is surprisingly overlooked. By tapping into this resource, predictions can be made about almost anything, through focusing on previous trends, patterns and trader behaviour. This, in turn, reduces risk.

  1. Time Efficiency

Due to its high liquidity and decentralised structure, the forex market is traded over-the-counter 24 hours per day, 5 days per week. As a result, knowledge is power when it comes to exchanging one currency for another. Indeed, a successful strategy is based on building the right foundation and taking full advantage of the tools at your disposal – quickly and efficiently. 

Predictive analytics can be a valuable mechanism for stockbrokers, especially in scalp trading, when positions are obtained and held for a short period of time, before closing for a small profit. Here, up-to-date, real-time information is of great importance for those requiring quick answers, in relation to possible short-term trends. A failure to act swiftly can potentially be ruinous for the broker, as well as the trader.

  1. Less Risk

The analysing of big data invariably offers up an added layer of protection in terms of risk management for brokers and traders alike. While it is certainly not without fault, the use of predicted outcomes arising from analysing data sets serves as an extremely useful toolkit for studying future or expected patterns, based on previous decisions or results.

Of course, anomalies occur, and the forex market is a volatile one. Despite this, predictive analytics means that stockbrokers can draw on a vast catalogue of historical data, prior to acting or making big market decisions. Through embracing the capability of statistical analysis, market participants can be more effective, while reducing risk at the same time.

  1. Rational Thinking

Trading psychology forms a major part of the forex market landscape. It refers to the emotional and mental state of mind that market actors endure when trading currencies. The emotional component of a trader’s decision making can significantly affect the trades they make, be it the amount or volume traded, scheduling, or the length of time between the opening and closing of a position.

In this case, big data and predictive analytics can play a critical role in rationalising the decision making process. By introducing numbers and statistics as part of a data-led approach, technical analysis can be useful for identifying trends for buying and selling opportunities. It can also improve market moves by simply educating a trader, with the added knowledge gained by studying previous data being of undeniable benefit to them.


Big data and predictive analytics has a significant role to play in terms of helping forex brokers, traders and investors. If utilised correctly, it can contribute to better decision making, improved efficiency and a reduction in risk. In a world where everyone is trying to get the edge over their competitors within a competitive marketplace, it can be an effective weapon in the arsonry of any market participant.

Live Casino Advantages for Gambling Business

Live dealer games offer dynamic ways to gambling businesses. It enables you to play with a live dealer and enjoy the benefits of both online casinos and the in-house casino.  Let’s take a brief look into how it works.

Live Dealer Platform: How It Works

A live dealer game is either live-streamed from a studio or a land-based casino. The great thing about this format is that you have an opportunity to see all actions made by the dealer. For instance, you’ll see the dealer handing out cards, dropping the roulette ball, etc. Right after you manage to get a winning hand, all your winnings are credited to your account automatically.

If the game is live-streamed from a special studio, then there won’t be any real players at the table there. There will only be the technical staff and the dealers. Live streaming games from a studio are more common in the betting business than live streaming games from the land-based casino.

In brick-and-mortar casinos, live dealer games are live-streamed through the cameras installed in the casino house. Therefore, you will see the casino workers and other players that have come to play games at the casino. You also have an opportunity to experience the gaming atmosphere on your screen.

Why Live Casino Games Are Becoming More Popular

A lot of casino game players prefer live dealer games because they are highly interactive. This became even more important during the pandemic when many people had to stay indoors. Live casino games bring you as close to the actual table with a dealer and players as it is possible without actually being there.

Players can find a variety of games to play on a live dealer platform; as a matter of fact, you will find roulette, blackjack, poker, bingo, baccarat, many other wheel and dice games, lottery, etc. Players get access to different angles and views of the table that they can easily switch between while playing.

You can also zoom in and out to have a clear picture of what’s going on at the casino in real-time. With all of these features, you’ll think you are sitting on the table with the dealer even when you’re relaxing on your bed in your pajamas.

A lot of casinos also allow you to interact with the dealer as well as other players through a public chatbox. However, this chatroom is usually monitored, so your interaction with other players doesn’t result in malpractices. You can also communicate with the dealer whenever you want to. This makes the experience extremely interactive right from the comfort of your home.

Choosing a Quality Live Dealer Software

Many businessmen these days are planning to start an online casino of their own as the gambling business offers opportunities for investments and good profits. However, without the right software and knowledge about the industry, it may not be an easy goal to achieve. This is why we have put up this guide to help you choose the right games and platform for your online casino business or improve your existing gambling business. Here are some of the valuable insights presented below.

Price and Quality

Many online casino owners tend to buy cheap software expecting to save costs, but that’s not the best strategy! Most of the time, quality gaming software doesn’t come at a low price, and the quality of your software determines how successful and profitable your casino business will be. The best way to get good software is to buy from popular gaming software providers like NuxGame, NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Microgaming. These iGaming software companies provide high-quality games with great graphics and design and entertaining gaming mechanics, which is what business needs to win over players in the time of ever-growing competition.

Outstanding Back Office Features

When choosing casino software, you should also consider software that offers good back-office features like game statistics, finance statistics, a good bonus and loyalty system, and a prompt mailing system. Your gaming software should also allow you to incorporate features like the players’ account management, fast payment processing, fraud protection, and lots more.

Choose Relevant and Well-produced Games

You also need to know that your gaming software determines the variety of games you’ll be able to host on your website. The more high-quality products you can offer, the more players you’ll attract. Also, remember that you need to offer games across different genres to keep up with the competition. You should include the following types of gaming products as slots and classic slots, live dealer, table games, lottery and scratch cards.


The casino business is a profitable one. However, you need to ensure that your casino offers a first-class gaming experience for gamers. This will keep them entertained, satisfied, and loyal to your brand. We do not recommend being stingy because you won’t be able to live up to the players’ expectations and lead your brand to the top.

Google Sheet Formulas Every Business Owner Must Know

When you use Google spreadsheets for production, you have access to a variety of formulas that can help make your workflow much easier. Various functions allow stakeholders to organize, edit, search for and analyze different types of information. 

Google Sheet Formulas Every Business Owner Must Know

Let’s look at five of the Google Sheets formulas that business owners and bloggers should learn more about.

SPLIT() to Divide Data Into Multiple Cells

Sometimes you may need to take data in one cell and split it into multiple ones. You can perform this function by way of the split formula.

Formula: SPLIT(Text, Delimiter)

The text equals the text that will be divided by the parameter. The delimiter is the character(s) used to split the text. 

Use this function if you have a list of names, but the first and the last name are not separated. You can use the split formula to easily place each first name and each last name into appropriate columns. 

SUBSTITUTE() to Replace Existing Text

There’s nothing worse than completing a huge document only to realize that you now have to go back and make several replacements for specific text. Well, instead of meticulously searching for and replacing each word one by one, we could simply use the convenient substitute formula. 

Formula: SUBSTITUTE(text_to_search, search_for, replace_with, [occurrence_number])

Be mindful that this formula is case sensitive and you must use a comma to separate each attribute for it to work properly. In other words, if you want to replace “Woman” but type “woman”, the formula will only recognize the instances of “woman”. 

IMPORTRANGE() to Import a Range of Cells

Sometimes we need to import information from one document into another. The Importrange formula allows us to import a specific range of cells from a different worksheet into another.

Formula: IMPORTRANGE(spreadsheet_url, range_string)

The formula may mistakenly seem complex — especially when you view the long spreadsheet URL — but it is quite simple. All you need is the spreadsheet URL and the cell range of the data you want to import. 

Here’s an example: 

​​IMPORTRANGE(“”, “Sheet2!A1:C12”). 

 Notice that quotes enclose both the spreadsheet URL and the range. That is because Google Sheets treat both arguments as strings. You will also notice an exclamation mark between the sheet name (Sheet2) and the cell range ( A1:C12). You must include this mark to separate the two.

SUMIF() to Add Numbers in a Range Cell

You can use this formula to deliver the sum of cells based on the condition in a given range. 

A perfect use of this formula is to add up the prices in specific categories while excluding others. 

One case scenario for this formula may involve a review of your budget. You may have a list of items in categories like Books, Movies, and Electronics. If you only want to see what you have spent on books, you can use this formula:

=SUMIF(B1:B10, “books”, C1:C10). 

The B1:B10 range represents all the categories (Books, Movies, Electronics) while the C1:C10 range represents all the prices. When using the parameter “books” in the formula, we pull only the book prices from both columns.

Highlight Duplicates to Find Repetitive Text

Sometimes when we create a long list or spreadsheet, we may inadvertently have duplicate data in some cells. To find any repetitive text, we can make use of the highlight duplicates formula. 

If you often have to worry about duplicate content in a spreadsheet, learn more about using highlight duplicates to clean up your document.

Google Sheets is an extensive tool with many features and formulas to make business workflows more efficient. This list is merely a very short sampling of the ideal formulas that you should know. As you become familiar with more of these formulas, you will see vast improvements in your overall production.

Drive Your Sales Results with the Right B2B Lead Generation Tools

That the sales process should be automated goes without saying. Marketing and sales have plenty of tools to make their mundane tasks easier like scheduling follow -ups, finding tidbits of information to personalize their emails, entering customer data to their CRM, bulk messaging, autodialing, appointment setting, invoice generation, and whatnot. But what about B2B lead generation? What aspects of prospecting and lead generation can be automated?

Drive Your Sales Results With The Right B2B Lead Generation Tools

These days trying to sell to random people takes too much time and effort. Whereas some businesses still buy B2B lead lists, others prefer to use other ways of online lead generation, such as:

  • Finding new businesses leads on LinkedIn
  • Scraping websites for business leads fitting your ICP
  • Buying subscription to solid databases
  • Analyzing customer data
  • Building lead lists in-house

And each of these ways can be automated with relevant tools and software. While some prefer to outsource B2B lead generation to websites and trust their choice of prospecting tools, others tend to generate business leads in-house and need to find what to fill their tech stack with. For the latter, let’s have a quick rundown on lead generation software to speed up the sales cycle.

Automation software to find business leads online

Technology creates ample opportunities for businesses to find qualified leads fast. From publicly-available data to hand-curated lead lists, automated software uses AI-powered insights to make your sales efforts more efficient. Use the category of tools on this list that fits your sales needs the most.

LinkedIn automation software

LinkedIn is a go-to social platform because (1) it is a legit professional network and (2) it has the most up-to-date data. To assist salespeople with their B2B lead generation efforts, LinkedIn provides paid options, such as:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Being able to integrate with your CRM platform, Sales Navigator helps salespeople find and connect with business leads using advanced search options and customized lead recommendations. When using Sales Navigator, salespeople can track and save leads, log sales activity, and update lead data (e.g. job change). 

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form. As part of the associated ad campaigns, businesses can leverage this tool too. Lead Gen Forms tool facilitates gathering lead data by asking users simple questions. Coming with pre-filled data, forms are easier for leads to use than onsite forms.

The only problem for salespeople, however, is lack of organic automation on LinkedIn. If you want to send 100 messages per day, you do it manually and spend hours prospecting and lead nurturing.

Thankfully, there is an abundance of automation tools that can be used on LinkedIn. Regarding specifically data extraction and scraping, here is a list of tools you can use on LinkedIn:

AeroLeads. If you want to scrape lead data from LinkedIn and transfer to your CRM, this is a trusted tool. Having bulk name search and company search, AeroLeads creates unique mailing lists with verified addresses, enriches lead data, and tracks emails. $49 per month per 1,000 leads.

VoilaNorbert. Available as a Chrome extension, the tool has the best performance on LinkedIn finding and verifying email addresses, setting triggers for certain actions to activate Lead Gen Forms, and adding leads to your CRM. $49 per month per 1,000 leads.

Slik. Extract email addresses of your LinkedIn connections and export data to your CRM. $49 per month per 750 leads.

LeadLeaper. Available as a Chrome extension, LeadLeaper automates email scraping and validation on your LinkedIn lead list. $29 per month per 3,000 leads.

Web scraping tools to find qualified business leads

Many scraping tools are multifunctional and work both on LinkedIn and across the web. So if you have an email extractor for LinkedIn, you most probably can use it on various professional websites to scrape personal and business emails from. Many options have a free trial period and affordable prices. The tool searches and validates professional contact information across the Internet. $49 per month per 500 leads The tool scrapes the web and integrates well with other applications. Price is provided at request depending on project size.

Lusha. Available both as a Chrome extension and plugin, the tool not only finds professional email addresses but also enriches your systems and databases. $75 per month per 1440 leads.

Email database software

Many web scraping tools put up extensive databases and provide web scraping services to their clients.

Echobot Target. Having the largest pool of German-speaking employee data, Echobot Target has recently been introduced as a UK company and employee database. The tool facilitates prospecting with data enrichment, lead qualification, sales triggers, advanced search and target audience segmentation.

Zoominfo. The tool uses open source intelligence data to fill up its B2B database with contacts, names, locations, etc. across multiple industries. Zoominfo’s cloud-based platform provides assistance to sales, marketing, and recruiting alike. Having purchased RingLead, ZoomInfo helps combine data sources.

Use Customer Intelligence tools

Customer analytics is an essential component to many B2B lead generation efforts a company may use. Customer Intelligence software often gathers data similar to your current client base. Get a steady stream of qualified leads with any of the following tools:

Datanyze. It’s a sales automation platform that provides accurate email addresses and mobile numbers on your leads.

Vainu. It’s an AI-powered sales intelligence platform that personalizes marketing and sales outreach. Integrations with HubSpot, MS Dynamics, Pipedrive, and Salesforce enables salespeople to update incomplete information on their leads and automate their workflows.

Other lead generation tools

Technology allows salespeople to make use of almost every lead who has ever wandered on your website or got into the pipeline. Don’t let them slip through the cracks with these tools:

LeadFeeder. Reach out to leads that have found you and visited your website to check out the product and pricing. As a B2B website visitor tracking tool, LeadFeeder tracks your leads’ online behavior and website activity and makes predictions regarding their purchase intent.

BuiltWith. It’s a technology tracking platform that reveals what software and technologies other companies use. You can have your lead list filtered by what types of software the company uses and offer them your product.

LeadIQ. As a prospecting platform, LeadIQ provides accurate business information and new contacts for your pipeline. With such integrations as Sales outreach, LeadIQ makes lead management like a breeze.

Folderly. Lead generation is hardly possible without email outreach these days. To help your emails find their recipients without getting to a spam folder, improve your email deliverability up to 99%. Use Folderly, a super-efficient email spam checker.

What tools will you choose for your tech stack?

The abundance of technology these days fills salespeople’s martech to the brim. Don’t blow your toolstack excessively. Read product reviews and make preliminary selections. And then have a free trial to see how a tool works out for your sales goals. It is possible to find a perfect tool that can do LinkedIn and email outreach, scrapes the web, and has a solid database. Know what you need and keep looking.

One more way of finding new leads is to outsource the prospecting process to a professional lead generator. This strategy can work out for you perfectly well if your sales team has limited capacity and is better focused on closing and objection handling. Give us a call if it sounds like you!

5 Tips for Better Team-Building

When building a business or growing a team, it’s easy to get so caught up in the “hard” technical elements, like building out processes and optimizing technology, that you forget the “soft” side of things, like managing and leading a team to get the most out of them. And though both are necessary in an organization, losing focus on the latter can stunt your growth and lead to poor workplace culture. In particular, you need to focus on team-building and camaraderie. 

Tips For Better Team Building

Why Team-Building Matters

Teams that work together to achieve common goals can accomplish much more than teams that are made up of individuals who are all seeking their own personal outcomes and achievements. As Andrew Carnegie once said, “[Teamwork] is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” If you want your business to thrive, this is where it starts.

Team-building, which is basically the intentional process of establishing healthy bonds between employees and co-workers, is important for numerous reasons. Direct benefits include:

  • Builds trust. People don’t trust strangers or acquaintances. Instead, they trust people that they have a personal relationship with. Team-building helps create these personal relationships, which infuses much-needed trust into the fabric of your organization. 
  • Improves communication. Team-building helps people figure out how to best communicate with one another. You find out how individual employees prefer to communicate and what their style is. For example, you might discover that one employee is an introvert while another employee is an extrovert, which shapes how you communicate with each one. 
  • Enhances productivity. In a team situation, the whole is typically greater than the sum of the parts. And if you have a close-knit team, this is even more true. People who feel connected are able to share workloads, ask for him, provide assistance, and work together to produce uncommon results.
  • Minimizes conflict. Whenever you find people, you will find conflict. That’s just human nature. However, the more your team works together in team-building situations, the more they figure out how to work through conflict faster and more efficiently. In the end, this minimizes conflict and promotes better results.
  • Improves retention. Think back to a job in your past that you hated. Chances are, you didn’t like the people you worked with. Now recall a job that you loved. You probably enjoyed spending time with your coworkers. And that’s true for most people. An investment in team-building is an investment in employee satisfaction (which directly impacts retention rates).

Trust, communication, productivity, less conflict, and higher retention – these are all powerful benefits that have the potential to push your business to the next level. The question is, how do you bring your team together and foster a culture that prioritizes unity and togetherness?

5 Team-Building Tips

There’s no perfect playbook on team-building. It requires you to know your team and what makes them tick. But generally speaking, following these principles will give you the best results:

  1. Do It During Work Hours

It doesn’t matter how exciting the activity is – we do not recommend hosting a team-building event outside of work hours. Employees value their time off and won’t want to invest personal time into a team-building activity when they could be spending it with family. Thus it’s best to do it during work hours. You’ll get much better engagement (and people won’t be resentful for being there).

  1. Go Off-Site

While it’s smart to do team-building during work hours, this doesn’t mean you have to do it in the office. In fact, there’s a case to be made that the best team-building activities happen outside of the office. 

There’s something about going outside of the four walls of your office that help people relax, unwind, and be more engaging. By changing up your environment, you keep people on their toes and foster a greater sense of curiosity and creativity. 

You don’t have to go far, but do keep it interesting. For example, you might rent mountain bikes from and visit a local trail. Or you could find a nearby escape room and reserve a time for your team to visit. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy expensive or over-the-top. It should, however, get people slightly out of their comfort zone. 

  1. Collaboration Over Competition

Perhaps you’ve heard that competition brings out someone’s true colors. And while this is true, competition should not be the primary goal of team-building activities. Because though it might give you a glimpse into someone’s leadership capabilities or problem-solving skills, it does very little to foster healthy connections between co-workers. Instead, it creates unnecessary tension that could morph into resentment.

It’s best if you prioritize collaboration over competition. In other words, don’t pit people against one another. Instead, put everyone on the same team to collaborate to achieve a common goal or outcome. 

  1. Break Bread Together

There’s something unifying about food. The need to eat – and the love of good food – is something that we all have in common. And if you want to bring your team together, eating a meal together is a great idea.

There’s power in breaking bread together. It seems to facilitate healthy communication and mutual respect. It gives people a shared experience without much pretense. So if you’re looking for a quick way to bond, scheduling a catered lunch is a great place to start.

  1. Do it Often

Team-building isn’t something you do once a year and forget about. It needs to be a priority – something you do on a regular basis. While you might only have two or three major team-building events every year, there are plenty of small ways to foster unity throughout the workweek. Take advantage of these small moments. (They add up!)

Strengthen Your Team’s Bond

While hard, technical elements like processes, workflows, technology, and logistics matter, you can’t forget about the softer side of leading a team. By investing in team-building, you can strengthen your team’s bond and develop a healthy workplace culture where people are happy and productive. You can’t afford to delay – begin taking action as soon as possible!

How Mobile Gaming is Driving the Online Casino Boom


For many people that have been around since the dawn of the internet, a lot of the ways the world has evolved seem almost like a dream. Online gamblers particularly have seen a tremendous shift in how people interact with casino games. The internet sparked what would become a huge milestone for the industry and this is not slowing down any time soon.

Perhaps the most notable and fastest-rising aspect of modern gambling is the mobile experience. Both casino apps and online casino sites have revolutionized the way that we enjoy gambling activities. This is not too surprising especially considering just how deeply entrenched the culture is. Moreover, the gambling sector has always been very open to adopting new technologies. Mobile technology was a no-brainer.

The Rise of Smartphone Gambling

Once it was established that the mobile phone could do so much more, gambling operators were very quick to notice the opportunity this presented. With the arrival of better screens, batteries, processors and form factors, there was also an increase in the number of apps that leveraged all that goodness. By the time the first Android and iOS smartphones were rolling around, gambling operators were ready. This they achieved through both native mobile applications and web-based gaming services.

Mobile gambling apps and sites are pretty much the same today. Casino operators have figured out ways of optimizing the experiences for their customers. As such, modern gamers do not have to feel left out regardless out of the platform that they are on. Modern mobile phones are very powerful and can handle even more tasking activities. That makes them powerhouses for mobile gaming. Their affordability and increased accessibility also make them a great alternative for people who cannot afford laptops or desktop computers.

Tablets Big Screen Mobile Gaming

Now, while the allure of mobile gaming usually is the portability of the gambling experience, some compromises had to be made. This is no longer the case. In essence, players are now able to tap into a desktop experience right from the palms of their hands. All this is thanks to the incredible tablets that are now available to consumers all over the world.

Perhaps the most popular tablet devices are the range of iPads that tech giant Apple makes. The device is so popular that the operators have even built apps just for the form factor. That means finding an iPad casino is now easier than ever. The gaming experience is also out of this world thanks to the incredible hardware. Its screen makes the games look crisp and even life-like in some cases. The well-tuned speakers deliver an immersive experience that leaves players yearning for more.

The COVID-19 Boost

Mobile gambling does not live in a bubble. Its popularity does not necessarily mean that it has been able to overshadow other equally popular ways of gambling. Land-based casinos are still big business. Still, mobile gambling was on a steady rise that promised a lot of good for both the operators and the players.

All that steady growth got a huge boost at the onset of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on how a lot of businesses conducted themselves. It also had a massive impact on consumer behavior and the gambling industry was one of the places where this was most noticeable. With limited or no access to land-based gambling or retail gambling facilities, many people opted for online gambling. 

That said, online gambling traffic increased immensely. A huge chunk of that traffic was from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  Hundreds of millions of people who are of the legal gambling age already have mobile devices that can access gambling apps or sites. The pandemic was a wake-up call to them that there are other ways of enjoying the activity.

Everything is slowly returning to normal. Lots of casinos that closed their doors or only allowed a limited number of people have since softened their stances. People can now return to their favorite retail casinos. At some point, this would have meant a significant reduction in online gambling activity. Well, while it is certainly not the same as it was at the beginning of the lockdowns, it had grown so much that the decreased activity will not curtail further developments.

The Future of Mobile Gambling

At this point, it is almost impossible to imagine a future where there are no smartphones and tablets. These computing devices are here to stay and the gambling industry stands to benefit immensely from their growth. Even as they evolve, we should expect to see the gambling industry also adapt to the inevitable improvements and changes.

The most exciting aspect of the future mobile gambling sector apart from the mind-blowing revenue projections is how the trends we love will come together. Already we are seeing this with such things as mobile esports betting and live dealer gamers that are compatible with mobile devices. It can only get better from here, right?

Office Essentials for Every Business

Whether you’re the owner of a start-up or a long-standing company, there are certain things that you just can’t live without if you want your business to run smoothly. Many of these items can be found within your office space, where you and your employees will probably spend most of their time.

Office Essentials For Every Business

There are particular office items that are staples that every business should have, whether they are large pieces of equipment or smaller accessories. Ensuring you purchase these staples will increase your employee productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction, all of which are essential if you want to experience true growth and success. You want to make your businesses hassle-free as possible, and buying the right office supplies is one of the best ways to reduce your stress as a busy entrepreneur.

It’s also important to make sure everything your purchase for your business if high-quality. You don’t want to spend a bunch of time, money, and energy buying expensive, heavy equipment for your office space, only to find it breaks after just a few weeks of use. Do your research and take time to consider which specific pieces of equipment are required to meet the needs of your business.

From the basic stationery items to the high-tech electrics, here are some office essentials that businesses in any industry will need to buy in order to succeed.


Scanning is one of the most efficient ways to share important documents or forms with your employees, customers, or clients. Every business office is, therefore, going to benefit from high-quality office scanners to streamline the processing and delivery of important documents. You may wish to share company policy updates or upcoming deadlines with your staff members, or legally binding contracts for your clients to sign.


The majority of office work now requires a computer, whether it’s to input customer data on an excel spreadsheet or to upload content onto your company website. Aim to have one computer per staff member so everybody has their own space to work in. This will increase employee satisfaction and productivity. You may also wish to buy some company laptops, which will be helpful if you or your employees are working out of the office meeting clients or customers. Similarly, if you offer remote working, being able to office company laptops to your employees who don’t own a personal laptop will be extremely helpful.

Pens and Notepads

Although a lot of your work will be on the computer, you will always need to have some pens and notepads to hand. You might need to scribble down some important notes in an important meeting or write down a daily to-do list. Some people still prefer to write things down over typing them, so be sure to supply these essentials to every employee too.

Additional Writing Tools

Along with the pens and notepads, your staff might want some highlighters, sticky notes, scissors, cellotape, sharpeners, and erasers. All of the basic writing tools that can make their note taking a lot simpler and more aesthetically pleasing. Aim to buy a set of all of these items for every employee, and some spares to keep in your conference rooms.

Desktop Organizers

Most businesses are now using technology to collect and store data, advertise their products or services, and communicate with the audience. Despite this, the need for paper copies of important documents or branded leaflets is still very prevalent. Your employees are likely going to be writing a lot down and using various folders or files to organize their documentation. This is where getting desktop organizers for your office is going to come in handy. Your employees will be able to keep their workspace clean and clear of clutter by filing their papers into the mini storage units. In turn, this will boost productivity and efficiency in your office, and enhance your success as a business.


It’s always important for your team to stay on top of their deadlines. Using desktop calendars is a simple, yet effective way for your employees to stay organized and keep up with their workloads. If possible, create your own company calendars with your name and logo printed onto them. This will reinforce your branding to your employees and boost company culture.

Fast WiFi

If you have multiple users on the WiFi at any one time, you’re going to need a fast WiFi server. This will ensure online websites will load quickly so that your employees can their work done in a timely manner. A slow connection can delay completion of deadlines or cause your system to crash or shut down all together, especially if you have a large and complex database. If your system persistently breaks down, it could result in financial losses if your clients or customer become unhappy, leading to a damaged brand reputation. Not to mention the financial costs that might incur if you need to get your database fixed or replaced. Slow WiFi is likely to frustrate your employees, which can further decrease their productivity and may have a negative impact on employee satisfaction. So, installing fast WiFi is highly important!

Paper Shredder

If your business deals with sensitive or confidential information, it’s likely that you will need a paper shredder. This way, you can properly dispose of any pages that contain important personal details about your customers, clients, or employees, such as addresses or financial information. You don’t need a fancy, high-tech paper shredder. A basic option will work perfectly fine!

Branded Envelopes

Envelopes are necessary if you regularly post letters and documents to clients or partners. Impress your clients and customers with professionally printed envelopes that have your company name and logo printed on the front of them. Using branded envelopes can increase your brand identity and help you to create a credible and trustworthy reputation. It’s a small detail that might seem insignificant, but these extra special additions to your office supplies can make all the difference to the success of your business.

External Storage

Many offices deal with high volumes of data. As computers have limited storage, an external hard drive can be used to keep this digital information in case it’s needed in the future. When your employees are dealing with large spreadsheet of data, it can detrimental if this information gets lost or the files get corrupted. Placing all of the important or confidential information within your business on external storage drives is a necessity to ensure you don’t lose data during a system shut down. It allows you to create a second copy of everything in case of an emergency.

Using an external hard drive also enables you to limit which employees have access to specific data by removing the need to keep everything on your company computers. Keep sensitive information safe and secure by limiting which employees have access to the external storage drives. 


 It’s rare that you walk into an office or meeting room that doesn’t have a large whiteboard pinned to the wall. It’s no wonder when whiteboards are the perfect way to display important information, especially if this information is temporary or changes regularly. They can be used during meetings or conferences to note down upcoming deadlines, staff rotas, or important company updates or policy changes. You can also use whiteboards during your conferences to display specific statistics, draw graphs and pie charts, or brainstorm ideas in a simple and efficient way.

Water Fountain

Having a fresh water fountain in the office ensures all of your employees stay hydrated during their workdays. Although you will have a staff kitchen that supplies clean water, many of your staff members will probably prefer a fresh water foundation somewhere near their desk. To keep your employees happy, aim to install at least one fountain in the office area. You could also add some in your conference rooms for clients and customers to enjoy during meetings. Your fresh water fountain also enables you to offer a nice, cold cup of water to your visitors, which will enhance their customer or client experience with your business and leave a great first impression.

Kitchen Appliances

This isn’t necessarily an essential for your business operations, but it’s definitely an essential when it comes to increasing job satisfaction and productivity within the office. Your kitchen needs to be stocked up on all of the important appliances. That is, a kettle, toaster, and microwave for everybody to use when they’re on their lunch breaks. Even if your office is right in the middle of several cafes or fast-food restaurants, having the basic pieces of equipment in your office kitchen means your staff members can bring their own lunches into work or make a cup of hot coffee if they need a quick energy boost during the day.