Wix Music Review: Let’s Create A Music Website Easily!

Wix Music is an online music store-creating platform where you can sell, promote and buy the music of different artists.

If you are a singer or a band, and you want a platform from where you want the whole world to listen to your art, Wix music indirectly provides that ideal platform for you. You can promote or sell your music by making a new online music store for yourself and give the world what it lacks.

Wix Music Review

Wix Music Review

Following are some features Wix Music provides for your online music store to make a living out of the art you create.

Commission Free Music Sales Directly From Your Web Site

Other similar platforms usually charge you some percentage of your profit to let you sell your art to people all over the world. With Wix Music, you can sell your music completely commission free, that means your hard earned money stays with you because you worked hard for it.

This is so much more ethical whereas you will not find many platforms which let you do so without making money out of it.

Music Distribution To 120+ Online Stores And Streaming Services

How will you make money out of your music if you have no customers? Wix Music takes care of this situation for you. When you promote or sell your music on your online music store created using Wix Music, it is distributed over more than one hundred and twenty popular online music stores which provide your music the needed exposure, and you get more and more sales. This is good for both your popularity and your pocket.

Analytics For Music Sales, Shares, Downloads And Streams

If you are selling your art in the online music stores, you want full insights of the popularity and sales of it, right? Wix Music understands this and provides you complete insights of music sales, shares, downloads, and streams.
You can monitor how many likes, shares, and streams your music is getting and can estimate its popularity. You also have full transparency of the sales, and you get notified of every purchase made on any online store from anywhere in the world.

Wix Music Website

Fan Base Management And Engagement, Grow And Engage Your Fan Base

You can interact with your fans and reply to their e mails with ease. Wix ShoutOut, a feature of Wix Music lets you easily send and share beautiful emails in minutes. You can let your fans know about your tour dates, new releases and much more. Increase the number of subscribers on your online music store and manage your contacts using Wix ShoutOut.

Customizable EPKs With Password Protection

You can let your fans and media know when you are launching your new music using the customizable electronic press kits and call a press conference whenever you want if you have enough fans, and you have gathered enough popularity.

The electronic press kits are password protected, so you do not need to worry about getting it being misused.

Tour Promotion And Ticketing Via Bandsintown Or Songskick

Are you planning your next tour? Well, now your manager can get a moment of peace because Wix Music can take care of the tour promotion and the online ticketing via Bandsintown or Songskick, the two leading ticketing booking websites.

Online Store For Selling Your Merchandise, Commission Free

This is all you will need to know about Wix music, create your very own online music store and sell and promote your art commission free, Wix music can help you make your art famous along with you or your band. If the features call to you, go for it without thinking!

#StartStunning: Learn How You Can Master The Art of Web Design From Kung Fu Panda

Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop needs more customers.

Mr. Ping has called upon his own son, the dragon warrior, Po to give some thought into this. What follows is an excellent collaboration of Wix, an online multipurpose development platform, and the enchanting characters of Kung Fu Panda towards a mesmerizingly creative #StartStunning Web Development from the scratch campaign.

Have a look at their website and you will know what I am talking about.

StartStunning Kung Fu Panda

What Is StartStunning?

If you are a blogger and want to build a dream website without any idea of coding then StartStunning is for you. If you are a freelancer looking to take your business to the next level by having a personal website then StartStunning is for you.

It is a campaign built to promote users and interested people in using Wix to create flawless websites. It has a series of videos that tell you about how to take your business to another level in the modern digital world.

The crux of the campaign lies in the fact that a website and that too an excellent one is a sure shot way to attract customers to your business. With Kung Fu Panda collaborating with Wix on this campaign, the reputation of the web development platform has started to soar to newer heights.

StartStunning New Released Videos

These videos use the characters of Kung Fu Panda like Master Shifu and Po’s adoptive father Mr. Ping and numerous others from the movie franchise to develop keen insights into why a business website is essential with full on humor and enhanced engagement.

Take this video for instance:

By discovering the powers of Wix.com, (and its various features, which I will entail in another review), Po has created a stellar website for his father’s restaurant.

There is also input about the increasing importance of influencing web presence nowadays. Businesses are increasing their activities online to connect and convert more and more customers. The first step, of course, is creating an attractive website.

With the way these websites have been developed right from scratch using the tools offered by Wix, one can only say that it is worth checking out and trying!

Mr.Ping Website

By looking at Mr. Ping’s website, one can comprehensively say that Wix website builder is worth a shot. I think that’s the major agenda of the guys anyway.

However, if their offerings lead to sites like these without a line of code written by us, then I think it’s a great option all together.

Dragon Warrior Noodles And Tofu

There is a lot of customization that you can do. For instance, look at how Po has added menus to his father’s website.

Po Menu Card

Dying to be a part of the campaign and build your own website?

Hang on! There is more to come from Po and his chaps…

Master Shifu’s Career Quiz

I took this test and it’s quite interesting. You have to answer some funny but logical questions (which I won’t tell you anything about) and a career choice for you will pop up. I got a Chef as my career. Well, I have always loved cooking but that’s for later. Moving on, this game is just another promotional algorithm to increase engagement but the difference is that, it’s a good one.

Master Shifu’s Career Quiz

If you are a Twitter pro then StartStunning could win you and iPhone. All you need to do is watch this video in detail:

After watching it you have to answer a question in the form of a tweet. Here is what I tweeted:

JesseeR Contest Tweet

So, go ahead and try Wix out. But before you do, be sure to visit their website and enjoy all the creative coolness they have come up with. You will only end up laughing and learning!