5 Smart Ways To Green Up Your Tech

In a nutshell, greening your tech means to perform in all areas of technology while causing minimal or no harm to the environment. The boom of “eco” has inspired companies that manufacture tech related products and services to offer more sustainable options, but we as the users can do even more to ensure the cleanliness and health of the environment. Below are a few practical tips to help you get started.

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Five Smart Ways to Green up Your Tech

Buy Green: One of the smartest ways to green your tech is to purchase eco-friendly products. Sustainable options like bamboo monitors and flash drive casings, as well as refurbished smart phones, printers and tablets are widely available. Buying green cuts down on pollution and lessens the demand for fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources

Eco Printing: There are several ways in which to print more green; printing on both sides of the paper means that you use and buy less paper. Using recycled ink cartridges instead of virgin ones ensures that they won’t sit in landfills. And using green fonts like Ecofont (prints with holes) will cut down your use of ink, which also means you will be buying and using less ink.

Support Green Web Hosting: Costing about the same as the traditional, eco web hosting uses alternative methods of energy that can include renewable wind and solar power. Greening your website is a small act that inspires a BIG positive environment reaction.

Solar Charging: Solar power is not just for rooftops, in fact the power of the sun can be used to generate power to anything that uses PV (Photovoltaics), and currently on the market there is stand-alone solar chargers as well as ones integrated in bags. So use the power of the sun instead of plugging in to charge your tech products.

Recycle/Donate: The trash is no place for your broken monitor or out of date phone, objects such as these should be recycled back to the manufacture or to a specialty recycling center. Unwanted tech products that are still in working condition can be donated or even sold instead of trashed.

These are just a few examples of how easy it really is to green your tech. Eco awareness is growing at a rapid rate, and even more sustainable advances will come from that growth, making it easy for us to maintain the health of our environment.

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