How To Grow And Maintain Digital Assets?

The last two decades have seen tremendous upsurge in internet technology. Internet has taken the entire business world by storm with its widespread reach, speed and sophistication. Technology is at the heart of internet as people can’t access it without technology.

Grow and Maintain Digital Assets

Grow and Maintain Digital Assets


Today, internet is available in the nook and corner of the world with the help of computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and more. Access to any data is just a click-away or a finger-tip away. Add to this, cloud computing has facilitated this transformation in a big way. Cloud computing creates a virtual space over the internet, where anyone can save or store all data and access it from any place of the world.

Content is King: Your True Digital Asset

Digital assets are categorized in three major groups which may be defined as textual content (digital assets), images (media assets) and multimedia (media assets).

In this digital world, content has become King for everyone who is doing business online. For marketers & website owners, quality content is must. It could be in any form; from written words to images, from audio files to video files, animation, and more. The content could be of two types: informative and commercial. Informative content provides visitors with necessary information they are looking for. Commercial content is meant to generate business, thereby, revenue. Whether it’s informative or commercial, at the end of the day, both are considered as digital asset of any business entity active on digital world. Your digital asset is one that generates business for you; it actually invites your potential customers to your website and encourages them to take some action there. For customers, they take actions like writing comments, sharing the content and most importantly, buy the product you are selling.

Enhancing Your Digital Asset

Web throws immense opportunities for any individual to fulfil his dreams. For any activity, web is the new medium. No matter what activity you want to do, web could help you in great way. People are using web not only for business and commerce, they utilize this platform to create value in human life. Apart from business, there are countless other activities done by many to make our life & world more conducive, comfortable and valuable. Since we are living in a material world, business & finance have become our primary concern here. Since the value of content is accepted by the web, a business entity has to ensure that its digital asset (read Content) grows day by day. After all, your digital asset will fetch customers to your website. But how those customers will come to know about your digital asset?

Domain Name Matters

Domain name is your asset. This is the second most important thing for your start-up, Business, Personal Domains names. First is your idea. Your domain reflects the kind of business you are dealing in. Hence, a select better domain name is essential for your business. People spend heavily on desired domain names, but not all start-ups get what they want. Moreover, Exact Match Domain (EMD) are high-priced, which doesn’t fit into the budget of any start-up / Individual. Some of the popular top-level domains suggested by experts are .com, .net, .biz,  or upcoming new gTLD .OOO

Marketing to Build Digital Asset

In a competitive world, marketing is must for any business. Online marketing activities will help you bring potential customers to your website. With the help of relevant content, you can launch marketing campaigns to promote your idea, your start-up, your dream venture. In this digital world, Quality content will help your marketing team craft a campaign successfully; content will also inspire your visitors to visit your website regularly. And finally, they will take some action, i.e. purchase. This is how your digital asset is built up.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Coca-Cola is indisputably one of the most successful brands in the world; it was introduced in 1886 and even today, the company pumps millions of dollars into marketing. The brand has its presence on all media – online and offline. While traditional media can burn a hole in your pockets (since you are a start-up), you can always mull over online media, which are relatively cost-effective. Explore channels like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click, Affiliate, content marketing and other options to market your product or service. Your online marketing activities will ensure that your digital asset grows by leaps and bounds. And once your digital assets are enhanced, business will generate. More visitors will come to your website and then there are more chances of purchase. Continuous marketing activity will result in positive branding of your start-up.

To sum up, I would suggest that building digital assets takes time. Nothing can be achieved overnight, hence give your start-up enough time to flourish. Remember, any business takes at least 999 to grow. If yours can survive till this period, you will be inching closer to success. All the best!

3 Best Hosted Shopping Carts You Should Check

After reading Pradeep’s article about Open source Shopping Carts, I decided to write article on the same topic but with further helpful information.

E-Commerce Shopping CartMost Open Source shopping cart suggested by Pradeep requires customization and need to be hosted on secure or reliable server. If you do not have technical expertise, you got to rely on technically proficient professionals, which I believe are pricey. Furthermore, Payment Gateway is an area of big concern when it comes to open source.  You have to hire experts who can install payment gateway for you. Imagine your online store gets huge traffic, scaling/monitoring your hosting becomes another big issues. Above all, you got to buy expensive SSL certificates to secure your online store so that your customer shops from your online store with confidence.

Let me tell you, all of these comes at a cost and when you sum total the cost + the hassles that you have go through with open source, its much more than you can imagine. My take on this is Open source is definitely not a cup of tea for small businesses who often have little budget to start.

The good news, now you can get all the sophistication of professional e-commerce minus the hassles of open source with a new bread of so called ‘Hosted shopping carts’. Imagine, starting an online store in literally few minutes! All you need is signup online, select pre-designed theme, and select the payment gateway for your choice. Yes, you heard that right. You can now start your e-commerce store in just few minutes without worrying about Hosting, Payment Gateway, Design or any other Technical Part. You just have to upload products, select some preferences and you are done. Boom, you are on your way to start your business.

The best part is it doesn’t cost hell lot of money like so called open source shopping cart.

Here are few hand picked hosted shopping carts that I think worthy of trying.

1. Volusion

VolusionVolusion is a decade old company who provides online hosted shopping cart solution. Volusion was one of the few companies who introduced one page checkout feature which is now most essential feature of E-Commerce Industry. Vousion is feature rich shopping cart and great for feature buff users.  Getting around volusion can be tedious initially, but if you are a power internet user and know all the e-commerce jargon, you will have great time using Volusion.

2. Shopify

ShopifyShopify is one of the know name in hosted shopping cart stores.  Like others, shopify provide plenty of features like Customizable Design options, Admin to manage transactions and products. It also provides pre configure payment gateway like volusion. Shopify provides free and paid themes to get started. If you want to use additional features of shopify, they have a marketplace of software that you can purchase by paying additional cost. Moreover, they charge upto 2% transaction above the standard monthly subscription fees.

3. 39Shops

39 Shops39shops is a next generation hosted e-commerce platform, it comes with 256 big SSL secure one page checkout and well known for its clean and easy to use interface.  Like shopify, 39shops offer free designers themes to get started. Unlike Volusion it doesn’t charge for bandwidth or data transfer and it doesn’t even charge a percentage of sales like shopify. The best part is there is no charge to get started, it’s FREE! Search engine friendly clean URL, Unlimited CMS pages are other highlights of 39shops.

Hosted e-commerce is a great way to start online store, with virtually no risk, you can test run your online business without having to worry about technical stuff involved in open source shopping cart.  Moreover, these ‘hosted shopping carts’ scales as your business grows. I firmly believe that gone are the days of open source shopping cart. The future of e-commerce is Hosted e-commerce software.

Change Facebook Fanpage Vanity URL In Just 6 Steps

Facebook UsernameFacebook is really nice platform to share your Social things as well as it gives leverage to Business owners to take advantage of this powerful medium. When we talk about Business then we must thinking of Facebook Fanpage because if you want to use Facebook for Business then Facebook Fanpage is must for you.

Till now Fanpage URL was having some ugly style but now you Can change your Facebook Fanpage URL. You can have some unique name for your Facebook Fanpage. Like

The name which you are looking for must be free. Earlier we shared a simple tutorial for finding the Facebook Profile/Page ID and we are going to see a tutorial on how to change the Facebook fanpage vanity URL in just 6 Steps. Let’s see step by step procedure for changing Facebook Fanpage URL.

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