4 Things To Do When You Are Not Blogging

4 things to do when you are not blogging - Socialize with your fellow bloggersBlogging is a tough job, I agree. You have to have a considerable amount of patience to sit down and review guest posts and write new articles everyday. But continuously doing that loses your concentration in blogging and the result will be crappy articles. To overcome this and still maintain your blog ranking, we have to take breaks often and relax a little bit.

Remember Blogging is not the only thing that will help your site attract subscribers and valuable readers, you can implement additional means to increase your blog publicity. So here are the 4 productive things that you can do when you are not sitting and blogging.

1. Socialize with your fellow bloggers

A good example is to login to Facebook and other social networking sites and interact with other bloggers. Every like and comment counts, and every re-share too, thanks to Facebook’s poor privacy features and the well-known Ticker activity we always know who’s doing what. This will also let your friends know that you are in the loop and pro-active.

And not to forget Twitter, every blogger’s dream tool which helps your posts reach to your community and beyond easily, by a simple tweet. Also engage in re-tweeting your follower’s posts and starting conversations, even a simple “Hi” or “Hello” will suffice.

2. Guest Posting and Commenting

You are already well versed with the advantages of guest posting so I am not going to go into the details. As a blogger, I would say you are certainly doing well if you are regularly guest posting on other sites. Guest blogging on a site whose Alexa rank is under 50k will automatically get you good number of visitors to your site. That creates a win-win situation for everybody. Doesn’t it?

If you are too lazy to guest post on other sites, you can try commenting too. Remember don’t under-estimate commenting on other sites, it can earn you lots of visitors too. With Commentluv enabled sites, leaving backlinks is just a piece of cake. But even commenting requires a certain art. People will not click on your links if they don’t find your comments amusing and helpful. Try to make your comments humorous sometimes, and always be the first one to comment because people are more likely to see the top comments. Also brand your comments to drive traffic to your blog.

3. Carry out Maintenance of your Blogs

Cleaning the trash is a good way to get rid of the rubbish. Creating numerous post revisions, inactive users, unwanted tags created by other users, spammy guest posts, useless plugins, simply consume lots of your hosting space. Try to delete the unwanted stuff from time to time to keep your blog running smooth and steady.

You can also install new plugins which will help you automate your tasks such as Better delete revision will take care of your post revisions and you can make use of the mass delete tags to keep your tags in count. And as for the pending posts you can install the bulk delete plugin which wipes out all your pending posts in bulk instead of doing it manually.

4. Make your Site Beautiful and Attractive

Add new modules to your site when you have ample amount of time. An attractive site is appraised by visitors and they like to keep coming back. If you think your site needs a complete overhaul, install a new theme and see what fits best. There are a lot of things to think about when choosing a new theme such as an adequately spaced sidebar, adsense ready theme, support for widgets and a nice color combination which is easy to read and soothing to eyes.

If you are good in CSS, you can also add a featured posts section to your site which will attract your visitors the minute they visit your site and will also keep them glued to your blog, decreasing your site bounce rate. Alternatively, you can also hire professional web-designers and site specialists to look into your blog and help optimize your site by reducing the site load time and keep it running at its peak performance.

I am perfectly sure that if you keep these things in mind, you will definitely succeed in Blogging. As for all, best of luck and keep blogging!

5 Features Of WordPress 3.3 That Will Impress You

Hi guys. Hope you are all great. Today I am going to reveal all the 5 new features which you will be seeing in the upcoming version of the most popular blogging platform i.e. WordPress 3.3.

Many of you were expecting this post as there’s been a lot of hype about WordPress 3.3 lately. We all are excited about it, so let’s get down to it shall we?

1. All new “Pointers”

Well it’s not pointers concerned with the C language. To begin with, this is a complete new idea the WordPress team have come up with. What WordPress pointers is, it is basically a notification system. Whenever a new update is added into WordPress, pointers displays a tooltip to let you know that a change has been made. You will understand it better by glancing the pic below.

WordPress 3.3 all new pointers feature


Additionally plugin developers can also use this pointers feature to give a tour guide of their plugin. It’s quite handy isn’t it?

2. Smart Media Uploader

Previously, uploading files onto WordPress was a slightly arduous task but now it has been made more smart by including the drag and drop feature commonly seen in Windows file management tasks. You can now simply drag and drop files (any media file) into the box and your files will begin uploading automatically. You can also upload multiple files by dropping one or more files.

WordPress 3.3 smart media uploader


3. New and improved Admin bar

The new admin bar is less gray and more black. Well not only colour it has been improved on the functionality frontier too. There is no need of clicks, the admin bar responds to you just by hovering. That’s right and many of the links have been rearranged to give you more space and to look nice.

WordPress 3.3 new admin bar


This might come as a bad new to you but the WordPress team has permanently removed the option where you could turn off the admin bar when in your dashboard. In a way this is a good thing because some people think it is better to have admin bar visible in the dashboard as it gives us quick links to fly to.

4. Flyout Menus are now permanent

You must have seen that when you collapse your menu, there are flyout menus visible for you to jump to other pages. Well now in WordPress 3.3 they are visible even when the menu is not collapsed. It’s just a feature where you get to avoid an extra mouse click but useful nonetheless.

WordPress 3.3 flyout menus


5. Post name is now a permalink option

Lot of us bloggers decided to define a custom %postname% structure for our permalinks as its easy to remember our posts and  avoids unnecessary parameters such as day, month and numeric names for our permalinks.

WordPress 3.3 Permalink

The WordPress team realized that this structure was being used by many of the bloggers so they decided to make this structure permanent. The new WordPress 3.3 now sports all our favourite permalink structure i.e. Post name as a separate option.

Random Screenshot Credit : NSpeaks

Have you enjoyed this feature list about the new WordPress 3.3? What new features do you expect to see in WordPress 3.3, please comment and let us know!