HOW TO: Get The Best From Slow Internet Connection

For people living in countries with poor internet connectivity (like me) with little to no efforts from the government and the authorities to improve situations it might be a burden trying to get the best from your internet connection. You can use McAfee’s online tool to find how fast your internet connection is. I sometimes find it difficult to watch videos, download big files and also do some very important things, but with the help of some hacks, I have been able to get the best from my internet connection, below are some things to do to get the best from slow internet connectivity.

Internet Connection1. Disable Unnecessary Browser Addons

Many of us visit a lot of our favourite sites, we install a lot of softwares, widgets and addons and the end result is that they end up complicating things for us. Even though some of these addons are very useful they can also be a burden to someone with a very slow internet connection because they are all trying to access the servers of their respective providers and this will lead to more bandwidth usage and less speed on the user end. If you don’t see any special use of a particular addon there is no point in you keeping it, only install one or two addons you deem necessary – and if possible, don’t use any.

2. Use Accelerators

Another way to get the best from your slow internet connection is to use accelerators. I find it difficult to download large files and watch videos at my end but due to latest technologies (thanks to companies like Speedbit) I am able to download large files, watch videos and even download videos I can’t watch.

Some great and effective accelerators that can help you get the best from your internet connection are listed below:

  • Speedbit Download Accelerator: This tool is a great tool to help you download large files from the internet, it also has an option to automatically pause downloads if your internet connectivity disconnects suddenly.
  • Speedbit Video Accelerator: This is another great tool that helps you watch videos on very slow internet connections (like dialup). This tool has support for the major video sites such as Youtube, Vimeo and Metacafe.
  • Speedbit Video Downloader: This is another handy and powerful tool that helps you get the best from your internet connection. If you can’t watch videos or you’re having problems accelerating your videos you can simply download them to your system using this tool.

3. Disable Applications/Gadgets That Use Internet Connectivity

Another way to get more from your internet connection is by disabling gadgets and applications that use your internet connectivity excessively. Most of these gadgets work in the background and they are gadgets like the Google Desktop, your chat tools and your desktop emails clients. You can also disable automatic updates of your antivirus (this can be risky so do it at your own risk).

By disabling these applications and gadgets you reduce the tools fighting to use your internet connection and you will get more speed.

4. Don’t Visit Too Many Websites at Once

Another way to get more from slow internet connectivity is by making sure you only visit websites that are extremely important, don’t open 10-20 tabs of your browser at once, only use the websites that are of a high priority.

If you need to visit so many websites, only open another when you’re finished with one – don’t open more than five tabs at once.

Even though these tips are very simple to implement they often result in a significant increase in the speed of your internet connectivity.

5 Things Every New Blogger Must Know

Blogging is really fun and a lot of people are getting into the game everyday.

Even though blogging is fun we still have a large percentage of new bloggers who come and eventually quit after a few months of starting, I have discovered the major reason why many of these bloggers quit too soon and this post will be talking about 5 things every new blogger must know.

Going to start a blog? Then also check the 5 things to keep in mind before starting a blog.

#1 – Blogging is Not a Get Rick Quick Scheme

Quick Money

After observing the majority of bloggers who quit too soon I discovered many of them stopped blogging because their expectations has been cut short, many of them thought that they can just start a blog today and begin to make thousands of dollars from doing nothing, when they eventually discover that they are wrong they then decide to quit.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme but rather a great online business model for serious people, blogging takes time and effort.

#2 – P,P,P -Patience, Passion and Persistence is a Must!


Another very important thing to note when blogging is that blogging requires you to have some great attributes which are patience, passion and persistence. The reason for this is that blogging is not that easy and you will face a lot of problems from different angles when blogging, it is your passion that will keep you going when you face these problems, blogging also takes time before you get results and being patience will help you wait till you get the right results. Also you need to maintain concentration in Blogging.

It is also very important to be persistent because some things are not very easy to get but you will begin to see positive changes if you keep trying.

#3 – Always Adapt to Change


As a blogger, it is also very important to always adapt to changes because he that is always adapting to change will have little problems.

There will always be changes and in the online world it is very dangerous not to adapt to these changes. For example, social media is now very important yet many bloggers tend to ignore social media.

Try as much as possible to quickly adapt to change and you will always get a lot of benefits.

#4 – Always Make Effective Use of Your Analytics


Another important thing is to always make effective use of analytics on your blog, I am not trying to tell you to be addicted to checking your stats but I am saying you should know what works.

For example, you might want to observe what is the best time to publish your post in order for it to get maximum attention, you might also want to observe which type of post gets the best traffic. Another great way to make effective use of analytics for your blog is by taking a look at where most people come to your blog from, which search engine keyword are they using to find your blog, you can now use this data to improve your blog by optimizing it and improving on your strengths.

#5 – Your Readers Deserve Some Respect


When blogging it is very important to give your readers some respect instead of just ignoring them. Many bloggers go to the extent of abusing their readers thereby failing to realize that they can do nothing without their readers. Earlier I prepared the recommended ways for respecting your beloved commentators & readers.

It is also very important to reply to comments from your readers and try to answer their questions because this makes them feel more valued thereby doing their best to help make your blog a success.

Blogging has its own set of rules and doing what is right will give the best results, the above are 5 great things every new blogger must know.

For more tips on blogging, connect with HellBound Bloggers & we’ll ping you as soon as we post them. Cheers! 😉