How Influencers Are the New Marketers

Marketing was pretty simple in the past. Brands could advertise their services and promotions via billboards or the TV. TV stations promised broad coverage, ensuring that the product gets to the right target crowd. However, when everything moved online, marketing experienced a shift as well. More specifically, brands were now able to advertise their services over the Internet and social media, which got to a much larger group of people.

How Influencers Are The New Marketers

As years passed and billboards were replaced by flashy banners on websites, online marketing evolved. In 2021, influencers are the new top marketers. Influencer marketing has been a buzzword so far, and it’ll continue riding high in the future. It refers to major brands such as casinos that pay real money hiring movie or sports superstars to advertise their services.

It’s a pretty great idea when you think of it, and we’ll show you how it works below.

How Brands Grow Thanks to Superstars

We’ve seen many gambling sites promote their services through global ambassadors for a while now. This has been more pronounced in the sports betting industry, where former players join a betting site and become its new face. Influencers are the new face of marketing in 2021, and the most recent example shows just how much gambling sites are willing to pay.

The major poker brand Pokerstars recently hired the services of Brazilian and PSG football star Neymar. An avid poker player himself, Neymar jumped at the opportunity. He’s now the face of PokerStars, promoting the site through his Twitter and social media feeds. He’s getting the site’s message out to millions of his fans, which is a much better and more effective marketing tool than anything else.

The power of social media combined with superstar power are an excellent weapon for building a brand. While PokerStars was an established name before, it will certainly spread its influence in other markets now that Neymar’s on board. More specifically, it has targeted Brazil as one of its unconquered markets that’s ripe for the taking. Thanks to Neymar’s social media posts, Brazilians will surely be interested in joining the poker site.

Marketing Beyond

It goes much deeper than that. Neymar isn’t just announcing new deals or tournaments at PokerStars. He’s also available to play against at certain points. The hours he’s live are random and announced before so players can log-in and play a round or two against the Brazilian football maestro. That’s next-level marketing that builds even more hype around the brand.

This is only the beginning. Neymar’s been the face for PokerStars for just a few months and the site is already reaping the benefits. We expect sports and Hollywood stars to start joining other gambling websites and lead a charge of influencer marketing.

Billboards and TV ads are in the past. It’s time for a brave new digital influencer age, and betting site know it. By partnering with stars with a huge following, they’re marketing their services beyond every expectation and growing their brand like never before.