3 Essential WordPress Plugins To Enhance SEO

WP SEO PluginsIf you have used WordPress to run a website then you’re familiar with the fact that there’s a multitude of plugins available to do almost anything you can think of.  One thing that everyone running a website thinks of is SEO, or search engine optimization.  SEO is the lifeline of a website.  You need traffic to make a successful website.  You need your site to rank highly to get that traffic, and SEO is the art of crafting a site to attract that high ranking.  There is no end to the amount of plugins available for WordPress to aid you in this quest.  Today I thought I would take a look at three that I have found success with.

#1 – SEO Smart Links

You have probably visited a site with SEO Smart Links, or a similar program, in use.  SEO Smart Links automatically looks through the postings on your web site for keywords that you set and links them up with links that you also set up.  For instance the word “Office” can link to a post or category about Microsoft Office.

So what does this do for your SEO?  Google loves internal links (links to pages inside of your web site).  The more you can link to your own material the better you will look to the Googlebot.  Just don’t get carried away – make sure your links are relevant.

This provides, not only the internal links your site needs, but also serves to help keep visitors on your site by providing them with links to other parts of your site that may be of interest to them.

#2 – Related Posts

Related Posts does something that’s similar to SEO Smart Links in that it provides internal links that serve to help satisfy the Google need plus keep traffic on your site.  Related Posts scans your website for articles related to the one you are posting.  It then links the most related posts at the bottom of your article.

You can set it choose a particular number of posts to link (3-5 seems to work best), decide on how it appears, and set how it looks at the other posts on your site.

#3 – Broken Link Checker

One thing search engines hate is broken links.  Nobody sets out to put broken links on their site, it just happens over time.  Links changes, web sites disappear, sites go out of business.  That’s where Broken Link Checker comes in.  It is constantly scanning your site for links that are either down or gone altogether.  It even emails you an alert.  You can make changes to the broken links from within the plugin’s WordPress Dashboard interface.

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