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CPM networks are a dime a dozen. They normally show ads that are in no way relevant to your content, nor do they give you enough revenue. If the network’s revenue is high, then usually the ads are of low quality and spammy. Barely any networks manage to find the balance, Adsnik Media is one of the few networks which ensures that you get served the best ads and also the best CPM rates.

Why Adsnik Media?

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Lightning Fast Payments

I have often heard that CPM ad networks never pay on time and some of them even make excuses for late payment to publishers. Adsnik Media doesn’t do any of that stuff. They have been on the publisher side for years together and they know how it feels if there’s a delayed payment or a non payment. They aren’t a corporate entity with no heart, they are real people who know how other people work. Standard payment cycles are NET 45,30,15 and change depending on volume and multiple other factors.

Access To Reports And Analytics

Forget reporting after 48 hours, this is the time of real time reporting. With high profile ad servers running on the cloud transferring TBs of data every second, Adsnik’s reporting is top notch. You don’t have to wait for hours together to be able to generate a report, a few clicks here and there and you have the report which would otherwise take a while on most other ad networks.

Mobile Developers? Covered

Mobile web and mobile developers, they have you covered. With a lot of mobile developers looking for ways to monetize Adsnik Media have their way in this game. As you know, not all mobile apps can be monetized without an SDK, and barely any ad networks provide the SDK. Adsnik Media operates two different SDKs for both display and mobile video ads which basically gives you more ad impressions and thereby more revenue.

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Connected To More Than 150 Ad Exchanges

If you’re under the impression that internal advertising alone with solve your fill rate woes, think again. Adsnik Media is connected to about 150 exchages and counting. These exchanges make sure that most if not all of your ads are filled with the best offers and the best CPM rates.

Advanced Scalable Platform

Want to send just a few million impressions a day? Not a problem. Want to send a billion or more? Still not a problem. Want to send 10 billion a day? Ah well, still not a problem. Adsnik works on highly scalable cloud based ad servers which do not crash, period. Simply put, no matter how much traffic you send, it will be monetized. All of your traffic will be juiced to the maximum, no matter how less or how much you send.

CPM Ad Network Run By A Passionate Team

Alright, enough of the technical jargon. Whats the use of such an advanced ad network if the team isn’t a good one? Adsnik Media is run by my dear friends, Goutham and Karthik. Maybe I’m not the best person to comment on their support, but they have amazing client or publisher support. From setting up ad tags to passing back ads and to even helping on settings things up on my site, they took care of all of that perfectly fine.

Why Adsnik?

I sure hope that you aren’t asking this question at this point, but let me answer anyway. Why Adsnik? Because they rule. Be it technology, ad space filling, accounting or support. Everything they provide is top notch, does crash and basically just works. What more do you need that something that works and makes you money. Sit back and enjoy, let Adsnik make you more money than you imagined. Period.

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