SEO Clients

SEO Clients: Which Do You Have?


 Every SEO working today will have served many different clients. While most of them should be taken on an individual basis, some of them seem to fit four basic categories. No matter which area of the market you focus on, there will always be some people who make your life more difficult. SEO Clients Ideally, […]
Emails Magento Store Should Send

Types Of Emails Your Magento Store Should Send To Your Customers


 If you own a Magento shop and sell different products, you should know how important it is to send your customers emails either with orders information or just to remind about your shop and its promotions. But wait, I’m going ahead of myself! I’ll explain everything in this post. Emails Magento Store Should Send Here […]
Web Design Mistakes

Web Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid Like the Plague


 If you research web design online, you’ll likely come up with plenty of information on what to include in your web design. However, there isn’t all that much out there on what not to include in a web design. The following things are all common web design mistakes that will only do more harm than […]
Running A Successful Business

Quick Tips For Running A Successful Business In The Digital Age


 Working for other people your entire life will mean you never have the chance to earn the big money. No matter what career you might be in, you could always create higher wages by going it alone. Thankfully, there are government schemes in place at the moment that are designed to encourage innovation. That means […]
Monetizing A Blog or Website

The Ultimate Guide To Monetizing A Blog or Website

Make Money

 A huge proportion of businesses is now run entirely online. The internet can make setting up a company easier, cheaper and quicker than it ever was before. While some business owners use a website to advertise their products or services, for others their website is their product. Many online entrepreneurs start off running a blog […]
Stupid Mistakes Bloggers Make

Stupid Mistakes That All Bloggers Make When They First Start Out


 Blog writing is an art form. You may not believe me, but it is. When you first start out writing blogs, you will make a lot of mistakes. Don’t worry. Everybody makes silly little errors when they are writing. I am not talking about typos or spelling errors (although, you should avoid those). I am […]
Reducing Costs When Starting A New Business

3 Brilliant Methods Of Reducing Costs When Starting A New Business


 We all know how hard it can be to fund a new business concept. While you might have been able to get some money from the bank a few years ago, they are less inclined to release capital for new ventures since the global financial crisis. You should still arrange a meeting and try your […]
Online Presence For Mobile Conversion

Preparing Your Brand’s Online Presence For Mobile Conversion

Branding 101

 Following a year which saw mobile browsing overtake desktop web use, it is more important than ever to ensure every facet of your brand’s online presence is optimised for mobile activity. From your brand’s website to social media to direct contact – here we offer a few tips to ensure you’re mobile-friendly and ready for […]
Business And Personal Reinvention

Business And Personal Reinvention In The Digital Age


 Ever since the advent of the World Wide Web and the new cloud computing paradigm, the world of information technology (IT) has been at the forefront of global business. The current estimate of the revenue generated by the worldwide IT industry is approximately $1.4 trillion, up from $1 billion ten years ago. As a result […]
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