Does An Analytics Degree Make Sense For Your Future?


 We live in the midst of the information age, where technology is constantly evolving and tons of data is at our fingertips. Data and analytics go beyond business decisions. They influence every facet of life, including engineering, computer science, architecture, marketing, and other industries. A degree in business analytics can provide you with the tools […]
Clair Air

A Comprehensive Review Of Clair Air Purifier: Breathe Fresh, Live Healthier


 With the way technology has advanced rapidly in the past few years, nothing seems unconquerable by the humankind. But there is something else that mankind is missing out on the fundamental level. We care now more about our technological developments and innovations and seem to care less about the sustainable development of our loved ones. […]
3M Privacy Filter

3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software – Must Have For Visual Security


 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. If you are a fan of those high-tech geek movies then this will be very interesting and real to you. Yes, we are talking about a filter software that learns an user’s face through their facial […]
Top 5 image optimization tools

5 Useful Image Optimization Tools For Bloggers


 A picture tells a thousand words, we all know that fact. And this is also applicable when you are writing any content for your blog, if an article is just filled with paragraphs and text it does not look good at all and when it comes to tutorials or guides, some important images are must. […]
Make Money With Infolinks

Make More Money From Your Site With Infolinks

Make Money

 Did you ever think about how to better monetize your site? Whether you have a business website or a fun blog, you can easily earn much more from your content. How? It’s pretty simple actually. Enter Infolinks. With Infolinks you can make more money from your website/blog, learn how. Making Money From Your Site With […]
Future Of Technology

5 Companies That Will Revolutionise Future Of Technology


 There’s a lot of innovation going on out there. And thanks to crowdfunding, companies that like to think outside the box and a real buzz for the future of technology, there’s also some real groundbreaking progress being made too. IMAGE CREDIT: BENGAMINNELAN / PIXABAY Here’s our list of five companies we think are going to […]
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5 Awesome Tips To Make An Epic Google+ Post

Social Media

 Google+, the social media platform that provides us thousands of opportunities. Especially in case of the internet marketing, it works like a charm. Why? Because, Google+ is the one of the sites that will not only generate you a ton of visitors, but also help with your SEO. So we just need to know the […]
Retail Business Need A Barcode

Does Your Retail Business Need A Barcode?


 If you’re a business owner with a new product launch, are you wondering if your label needs to have a barcode? Maybe you already have an existing product out on the market but you’re thinking of putting a barcode on the label. Like many other business owners, you might be uncertain whether or not there […]
Holiday Promotions

4 Holiday Promotions To Ring In Sales


 Was that an advertisement for Christmas deals in your local department store—in September?! You’re not imagining it–holiday sales start earlier and earlier each year. Don’t be left behind: here are 4 sales tactics that will get customers in the shopping mood and jumpstart your holiday sales season. 4 Holiday Promotions To Ring In Sales #1 […]
SeeU App Review

SeeU – Stay In Touch With Your Friends Forever


 Want to stay in touch your closed ones and also stay updated with interesting events happening around you? We have a solution for that, nope, it’s not a competition for Facebook or Foursquare, but an unique app to keep you updated and connected. Something that’ll arouse your curiousness and stay close to you. We are […]
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