HOW TO: Check Your YouTube Speed

Earlier we shared a simple tip to load YouTube videos faster, and now you’ll see how to check your YouTube Speed. Are you thinking your YouTube videos are streaming a little slow? And you are putting the blame on your ISP? Then YouTube Video Speed History is something you should check probably.

This data is aggregated from their video servers. All ISP and geographic speed numbers are averages across many types of Internet connectivity. This tool will compare your speed numbers with other users in your region. The chart below shows Video Speed Comparison (May 10, 2011 to Jun 8, 2011).

YouTube Speed Chart

This tool also lists the YouTube speeds of users in your neighborhood who have different ISPs. The test video will show you your streaming information in real time (look next to “Streaming HTTP”).

YouTube Test Video

So how fast is your YouTube Video Speed? Share your views on the comments below.