Find Your Invisible Online Friends In Yahoo! Messenger

It is a tricky article! You can use this trick on others and of course, others can use this trick on you! ūüėÄ So watch out! Ok lets come to the topic. When you log in to your Yahoo! Messenger, you can find some friends online and some friends offline. But you cannot say they are really offline, because they can also be in Invisible mode. People who are busy with some other work or not having intention to chat with anyone will change the option to be in Invisible mode. But if you want to test or make sure whether a particular person is online, even though he is in Invisible mode, you can try this small trick.

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Ok. Here is the procedure for doing it. First log into your Yahoo! Messenger and double the person’s name for whom you want to check. A chat window opens. You can find a button named¬†IMVironment button. Click it and then go to¬†See all IMVironments |¬†Yahoo! Tools or Interactive Fun |¬†Doodle.

Let the Doodle imvironment load. There are two possibilities that can happen.

1. If the user is offline :

If the user is offline then Doodle will show “Waiting for your friend to load Doodle”.

Doodle Yahoo

2. If the user is online, but in Invisible mode :

If the user is online but he/she is in Invisible mode means instead of showing “Waiting for your friend to load Doodle” it displays a blank page. You can now check whether he/she is online or offline. You can check the picture below.

If Online : Displays a blank page like this.
If Online : Displays a blank page like this.

Neither your friends can’t escape from you nor you can escape from your friends ! ¬†Cheers !