Beware Of Twitter Scams. Remove Unwanted Applications Access Now

Twitter has also grown to be one of the biggest social networking websites, though it is not yet that Popular with the youth in India, as compared to Facebook, it is still used a lot! Twitter has also become a popular medium for spammers, with all types of scams appearing on it. This time, the scam is named as “Your Online Timer”. It sends the user private messages and of course tweets, which read as follows :

“I have spent 379 days on Twitter. How much have you? Find out here: [LINK]”

Twitter Scam

The link takes the user to a rogue application, asking you to click on a link, which asks the user to authorize the ‘Your Online Timer’ application to access and update his/her Twitter account.

Twitter Scam

Once you allow the application to connect to your account, it posts tweets on your account saying the this text : “I have spent 379 days on Twitter. How much have you? Find out here: [LINK]” .

Beware of such Scams. In case you have fallen a prey of this Scam, immediately remove the application access from your Twitter account by browsing to Settings -> Connections (Click here).

Remove Unwanted Application Access

#1 – First go to your Twitter account > Settings.

Twitter settings

#2 – Now go to Applications. Check whether you have any unwanted or mysterious applications, if you find any, feel free to select “Revoke Access” option.

Revoke Access

Do you know of any other Twitter scam? Let everyone know. Share it in the comments section below!