iPhone 4 To Arrive On Verizon In January [REPORT]

So guys time now to share some interesting gossip about Apple iPhone 4’s arrival on Verizon in January 2011! Rumors are finally turning into evidences that are supporting the expectations that the Apple Inc will be launching it’s revolutionary iPhone 4 Smartphone on Verzion in January 2010. According to the sources that are close to Apple’s hardware suppliers, they have said that Apple has placed orders for millions of CDMA Chipsets [Wireless Technology used by Verizon] from the Qualcomm. According to the reports from Steve Cheney [TechCrunch Contributor] who has said that the chipsets are due in December, this gives a clear view that iPhone 4’s launch on Verizon is expected in January 2011!

iPhone 4 Design

Steve Cheney has not officially disclosed about the sources for this rumor. Moreover, the January release date was previously predicted and that was being supported by an earlier report from Bloomberg Officials about the future Verizon iPhone 4.

Surveys that were conducted have come-up with seriously noticeable results reporting that over a half of Verizon’s current customers will be throwing their current phones for getting their hands on Verizon iPhone 4! 🙂

Looks like these predictions won’t go wrong and Verizon will arrive on iPhone 4 in January! If iPhone comes out with Verizon in January will you be abandoning your current phone?