5 Programs And Services For Not Forgetting Any Task

Earlier we saw some useful tools for ensuring your Privacy online/offline and now we are going to share another 5 set of programs and services for managing your tasks easily, without much fuss.

Taking as a basis in the subject that will help us make basic actions such as storing passwords, chat or downloads. Today I wanted to focus on one particular issue: the management of tasks. One of the advice given by most experts in productivity is, a good way to increase this is to use small notes as a post-it to go pointing the tasks that we perform on the day to focus on them and complete assignments and those things that are important however small and we should not forget.

So I am about to tell you about 5 programs and services so that we do not forget any task :


Wunderlist is a service I’ve used for some time, and is ideal for people who do not want to miss any work and yet prefer to focus their efforts in completing them instead of writing them.


This is perhaps the easiest way to always have the list and review tasks or add new items. Just one click and enter the text you want and we will have created a new task. Although not required, Wunderlist gives us the possibility to assign a date or even make notes on it, if we want to include some detail. We also want to have as many lists, and other big advantage is that the service is available in both traditional and web version for Android applications or IOS, which will make our work tasks are always synchronized in the work environment.

2. Gmail Tasks

If you use Gmail and just need a place to point out those tasks that do not want to forget, a good idea is to test the so-called Gmail Tasks. It is a service that Google has long offered and accessed through the webmail service.

Gmail Tasks

In fact, the current interface has three sections Gmail distinct to which we can access through the side menu. One is the mail service, one manager and our address book, and the third tasks. Clicking on tasks, deploy a small list that add new items is as easy as writing. You can create multiple lists, and assign dates to each task. Simple, and best of all: without leaving our mail service.

3.Google Calendar

Yet another Google service, this surely known to all. When we talk about work, they often associate the word with the image of the timeframe in which formerly we used to write tasks or appointments for each day. In fact, if we work in an office, probably have the typical daily schedule in which tasks can quickly target each day in order not to miss anything.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is its equivalent in the cloud, and a very good way to keep up our agenda.The service has come a long way since it was launched, and includes functionality to schedule appointments and tasks and alerts to show us when the time comes. In fact, it can be programmed to send us an email or SMS minutes before. Although undoubtedly its greatest advantage is that we can share calendars with friends and contacts, which is an ideal environment to store and group work to take full advantage of our projects.

4.Remember The Milk

One of the most popular services, and a classic when we were not sure or go to buy milk. Again we have a service where simplicity reigns, and is characterized by its power despite that basically requires us to write our tasks. Tasks that will become part of the lists you want, and we can label or set time.

Remember The Milk

It also integrates perfectly with all types of devices and services. Yes, we have Remember The Milk in Android, iOS and BlackBerry, but more interesting is that we can use the above service Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook or even Twitter. A classic that never go out of fashion.


Tudomo is, in the words of its authors, the task list manager for Windows systems definitive. We can create notes and tasks you assign tags to organize our work, and assign detailed descriptions that we left nothing out. We may also change the status of each task.


In addition, we can synchronize our lists between computers, a very good option if we take our work wherever we are without having to resort to using a Web application or our mobile devices.

What is your favorite program/service for managing tasks? Kindly share them in the comments below. 🙂

This article is written by Asher ross. She is an Expert technical writer from UK with expertise in writing articles over Dedicated Server UK Mac OS, Apple, Mobile and UK Web hosting server technology.