4 Simple Tips To Use VoIP Services Efficiently

Internet phone is becoming popular day by day due to variety of reasons. VoIP is very popular for client communication and being used by most of web application development companies and BPO service providers. Here I have shared important tips for using internet phone VoIP service effectively for quality communication.

VoIP Tips

#1 – Technical Requirements

For VoIP, a fast Internet access via DSL or cable is needed. Slow Internet connections at Mbit/s are not supported by all providers, also the voice quality suffers.

A convenient Internet access for a monthly flat fee (flat rate) is advisable. Whoever calls on the PC should, if possible have a headset with microphone.

#2 – The old phone use

When upgrading to Internet telephony, hardly any new equipment is needed for a VoIP adapter. Landline and cordless phones and phone systems can be used.

In the simplest case, the VoIP adapter is integrated into the Internet modem. Such access boxes are offered by many telephone and Internet provider when signing a term contract.

#3 – Select VoIP provider and Compare Rates

Additionally, customers need a supplier for VoIP calls. The VoIP provider, he may or may not be identical to the ISP. It is a choice between flat rate for calls to landline and tariffs that are charged by the minute.

Which model is best depends on one’s own behavior when calling. The comparison should be made as to what cost calls to mobiles and abroad.

#4 – Free phone calls via Instant Messenger

Completely free of charge via the Internet instant message services (eg Skype, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Messenger Mac).

For such free telephone calls, both parties should be there in front of their PCs and be registered with the same service. Video telephony is possible with several callers with webcams.