5+ Easy Yet Efficient Tips To Increase Typing Speed Skills

If you want to improve or increase typing speed skills, then apart from practicing a lot, we do have some essentials steps to achieve it. To me, this is one of the best practices for Time Management. It will help you to become more productive, and you can save hell lot of time. I picked up nine simple tips to increase and improve your typing speed.

Recently I came to know about this report from a blog, “If a computer user doubles his typing speed, he is saving 300 hours in one year!” Amazing! Isn’t it?

Tips To Increase Typing Speed Skills

Tips To Increase Typing Speed Skills

1. Position: Choose a comfortable chair and sit straight. Place your fingers correctly on the keyboard. Type using the pads of your fingers, don’t use finger tips or nails. The Keyboard should be at waist level approximately.

2. Placement: Use both your hands for typing. You can check this visual tutorial for understanding placement of your fingers on the appropriate keys easily. Use the thumb for Space Bar. It is better to memorize the location of the keys.

3. Avoid Seeing: Yes, you should not see the keyboard while you type. You should have a military level of discipline. Look at the screen or the source paper. After you are familiar with the finger placements, you can try this. While riding a bicycle, what will you see? The road or the pedals? 😛

4. Use Emoticons: Emoticons are nothing but textual expressions representing the face of a writer’s mood or facial expression. You can find them in many portals including social networks, forums, IM, blog comments and so on. Emoticons usually have symbols. By using them often, you can be familiar with symbols location in the keyboard, and you can type it without seeing soon.

5. Type Along: Try to type what you hear, like news reports, songs, two people talking around, so on. It will help you to become more familiar with various words.

6. Avoid Typos: While practicing don’t spend time on fixing your typos. Instead, carry on typing. Because you are just training your hands and concentrating on typing faster.

7. Get Addicted: I improved my typing speed by using TypeRacer. It is a multiplayer typing game where you race others by typing quotes from popular books, movies, and songs. You can also find TypeRacer applications in Orkut and Facebook.

8. Software: You can purchase a typing lesson software or try the free ones available online. But make sure that program is capable of measuring your typing speed. You can also try free Flash typing games.

9. Practice: Last but not least, nothing can be done without practicing. Practice as much as possible. Do it regularly with extreme patience. But don’t practice if your fingers become tired. Leave some gap.


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These are some of the easy yet efficient tips to improve your typing speed. Now, why don’t you practice right now by commenting here? 😀