What Is Blogging & Types Of Blogs [DETAILS]

If you are a Power internet user, than you might have heard about blogging. Probably you may not know what is blogging? How it works? Here, I will explain about whole thing about blogging.

What is Blogging?

What is blogging?

People with medium-scale or large-scale business depend highly on Blogging for promoting their business online. The digital marketing agencies use this technique to generate traffic on their websites thereby, increasing the productivity of their business.

Communication has changed these days, we can exchange our ideas by social networking sites, we can talk to or chat to our friends any time, and have fun.

Blogging is term taken from ‘weblog’. Blogging is a part of sharing your knowledge in which you not only share your perception,  but readers can also comment and participate in the discussions made on the blog. Blogs provide information on  a particular issue, event. The act of creating and writing on a blog is called blogging and the writer and creator who does all the tasks is known to be as Blogger.

The all collective community of blogs is called blogsphere. The best part to be a blogger is that you can work from anywhere, you just need a laptop/Phone and all your work will be done. There are various types of blogs and they focus on different-different niches. For Example,

Different types of Blogs & Blogging

#1 – Corporate Blog

A blog can be of  any type if it is a corporate blog, then it contains information about the organization, it’s culture or it’s strategies, purposes that is called corporate or official blog.

#2 – Niche Blog

Fix type of stuff blog which provide information on a particular topic is called a particular/Niche blog , like their niche is fix it may be education, phones, Music, fashion, arts, web designs, sports and thoughts.

#3 – Personal Blog

These are most common type of blogs. Blogging is not just way of communicating and sharing, it is more than that. Personal Blogs are commonly written in the personal language and with emotional touch for friends and colleagues.

#4 – Forum  Blogging

It is a place to discuss general blogging issues of  where blogger can share  their thoughts about blogging. Here you can ask question, give answers, express things, share how we can improve in blogging.

#5 – Review Blog

It is a blog where a blogger share reviews about like Mobiles, iphones  and other products. Readers can also give comments on the product reviews & Discuss more about it. 🙂

Tips for becoming a Successful Blogger

  • You must keep on posting continuously.
  • Don’t move away from your niche,  stick on specific topics you usually talk upon.
  • Don’t blog only for money, but for passion.
  • Let the people share their views also
  • Respond to Commentators
  • Respect your readers.
  • Use tags, which will help you in come up in searches.

So what type of blogging you are thinking to join?  Do share your opinion with us.

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